NFL Sunday Ticket moving to YouTube TV

Discussion in 'Movies/TV' started by KyTitansFan, Dec 22, 2022.

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    Actually less than the Direct TV offering. My parents have Direct TV, so I pay for their Sunday Ticket and use their account to stream it at my house (different state). Has been a bit complicated, so I am definitely looking forward to the change.

    I have Fubo TV now (works great). Channel offerings look similar between it and You Tube TV? Any reason that I do not change to You Tube here? I have their free service and have had no issues with it.
  2. CheeseheadTitan

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    Of course the NFL opposed this...why would they want to provide service options to their customers LOL.

    Actually IMO that move may wind up costing them revenue IMO. Lots of folks balked at the cost for Sunday Ticket, and while it did cost more than $300/year, it was not that much more.

    They may get more money per subscription, but wind up with fewer subscriptions here.
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    Sweet can

    I'm already a YouTube premium subscriber

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