NFL Sets Salary Cap Ceiling In 2022 At $208.2M

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Aqutis30, May 26, 2021.

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    Pre-cutting expensive FA is the wave of the future.
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    Lewan is one of the better LTs in the league and is very good at both the run and pass. Also, his base is only $11.5 this year. Now if Lewan starts to diminish in his ability and the rookie comes on you consider moving on from Lewan in a year or two but he is going nowhere right now. My guess is he is here for a couple more years.

    I really like Saffold but he is paid real well for an OG. OGs are also easier to replace and we have guys on the roster who could do that. Ben Jones has been one of the most criticized players on the OL which is stupid because he is a better than average OC. They would be smarter to extend him a few years for around $5-6 mil and get some CAP relief that way. Buy just cutting him we now have a hole there at an important spot on the OL.
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    yeah... I dont know.

    Tons OL have played, and played well, deep into their 30s
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