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    Above all, I just want Locker to be healthy so we can see what he's got. I believe he's a good player if healthy.
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    That's pretty much what everyone believes. Hopefully this is the year he can actually stay healthy. Still, I'm not convinced he's our franchise guy. He's just so up-and-down and pretty darn inaccurate at times. But if he could just be "good" and stay healthy that might be enough for us to make some noise.
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    I never said there was anyone better, I just said there aren't 32 quality head coaches. Whiz is probably the best we could get, and his staff is a big upgrade to Munch's.

    I don't mean to whine, I'm just keeping it straight. We have to do the best with what we got.
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    I would put Marv Lewis much higher. To do that well with such a terrible organization.
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    Really???? Warner's career was considered DEAD when Whiz took him as starter over his rookie Matt L. The media damn near crucified him for starting an over the hill QB and not starting the amazing rookie they drafted. Whiz created an offense around Warner and helped him become a star. These are words from an interview with KURT Warner. He was well aware that his career was on its last leg when he got the shot from Whiz. Having 2 great WR definitely helped but if the game plan isn't good it doesn't matter. Look at Detroit. Megatron is amazing, yet no titles no SB, no deep playoff runs. Whiz will make this team much better once all the pieces are in place. It may take another year to get the defensive pieces for the 3-4 and although I hope Locker rocks this year I would say a new QB. So be a fan. We ALL wanted Munch's misfits out and now they are, we have actual FOOTBALL COACHES. You should appreciate that. The staff Whiz put together is amazing IMO, and most certainly an upgrade over any staff in TN in a decade possibly ever. Don't judge him before training camp has even started!!
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    Marv Lewis should be higher, but I think his team is much better than it has ever been. They have been building an outstanding roster in the past few years and I think he deserves a lot of the credit for that. His help with that roster should rank him higher on it's own.
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    I would actually change the ordering of the top 10 a lot. Maybe I just don't like the Giants because I'm from Philadelphia, but I don't see TC as the #5 overall coach in the NFL. Even the writer himself said he was hard to place. I do think he is HoF worthy no one can deny that, #5 overall? I don't think so. I also would rate Andy Reid and Pete Carol higher. Jeff Fisher lower...etc...
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    coughlin sucks, but is incredibly lucky to get hot just in the nick of time, and Fisher is a mess
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    Jeff Fisher has been living off the McNair / George days for nearly a decade now.

    Really only 1 good season since then. (and that was 100% on AH) ... a bunch of mediocre and crap seasons though.
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    Oh lord, who in their right mind ever pays attention to junk like this? It's one man's opinion and nothing else.