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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by 5tweezyPOT, Sep 25, 2013.

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    I hate the Steelers, and they do suck, but they've had what should be considered the hardest schedule so far. Teams the Steelers have faced have a combined record of 7-2. Teams the Jets have faced have a combined record of 4-5. And they played two bottom 5 teams... and the worst team the Pats have fielded in over a decade. Gotta take that stuff into account.

    The Steelers play the Jets in a few weeks, so I guess we'll have a better idea then.
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    define easy please

    chucking the rock 40+ yards into the EZ is not easy no matter who you are.

    Yeah he
    'missed' on the play before he was spot on with Hunter. But I mean really? Are you sure it was a miss or was the timing off because the WR got chucked. I mean I dont know the answer. But I do know a bunch of his INCs he hit the target in the hands so there is that as well.
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    thank you!

    I want everyone of the other 31 teams too lose every week, but especially pizzburgH
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    " cain't nobody tell me nuffin'"
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    except maybe his uncle that is his "agent" taking care of his money. waaah i lost 26 million
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    Point taken. They have indeed had a brutal schedule and when we see how the Jets play against the Titans we should know more about them as well. This early in the season it is pretty hard to get a good feel for teams so it should be interesting to see how it turns out.
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    Teams evolve over the season and sometimes from week to week. No one is as good as they can be (though some teams don't improve as they should) from week 1.

    A team like the Jets should only get better because Geno SHOULD get better over the season. Locker also should improve over the season.

    Steelrs have a great D but they were missing a TE, their best offensive lineman on an OL still trying to figure it out, and their main running back has been hurt. bad OL, bad TE, bad RB = bad run game which = tough on the QB when they don't pass block well either! While Brown and Sanders are good, Holmes, Hill and Kerly have a lot of talent AND the Jets rush attack has been putting up BIG numbers so you can't really say they stink. I think it should be easier to get Geno to make mistakes over Locker but both aren't super experienced either and these are complex defenses. Notice in the Steelers game, we took a more conservative approach with Locker but because of Pitt's aggressive style, we did have some shots down field we could have taken. I don't really wanna see him throw a jump ball Cromartie's way, but we will have some guys one on one open down the field which Locker targetted at the end of the Chargers game. The flip side, they will take shots at our cb's one on one down the sideline too. Which D gets to the QB or makes a play in the secondary could have a big impact!

    Geno is only a bad QB if you force him to make mistakes. We need to get him to make some mistakes and I think we can bait him into some INT opportunity!

    Should be a fun game to watch!!!

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