NFL Europa Officially dead

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Carpy, Jun 29, 2007.

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    Canadian ball..

    Not bad but remember they tried to have canadian league teams in some USa cities and what happened? Failed! Baltimore had a team for a while before the browns moved. I think sacremento was another failure.
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    Actually, while those teams may have failed in those cities, I can still recall of (at least) one player who played for Memphis before they folded, and then moved on to the NFL.

    His name was Joe Horn.

    But, even though the game failed "IN" the U.S. doesn't mean it wouldn't be a good league to use as a developmental league.

    As it stands the CFL currently has eight teams (but has talked of expanding up to nine or possibly even ten teams). I'm not sure how many players each team allocated to a NFLE team. But, if (as the league is now) a CFL team was drafted by four different NFL teams and then allocated 5 players by each of those teams, the CFL the could then fill out their roster with Canadian players (CFL rosters-as it stands-require 20 CDN players).

    And, by doing this it gives the NFL the feeder league they're looking for.

    And, the league is already in place.
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