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    Who are you referring to?
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    My main go-to for anything draft related every year -

    He has one of the more positive outlooks on the Titans draft - while more of the ESPN and CBSsports buffs of the world seem to have us in the C range.

    Walter was one of few who really liked the Lewan pick. With some top defense prospects off the board he didn't see a reason for them to reach at 11.

    Seems like he didn't like how the Titans waited to address the defense especially with a new scheme in place. I have to agree but once again the man many mocked to us - Barr - was off the board.

    " Tennessee Titans: B Grade
    Goals Entering the 2014 NFL Draft: It doesn't appear as though the Titans are interested in drafting a quarterback No. 11 overall. They'll give Jake Locker another year, which means they can focus on finding pieces for their new 3-4. A rush linebacker, five-technique, inside linebacker and cornerback are all needed. Finding a new running back and a left tackle of the future is something else Tennessee should focus on.

    2014 NFL Draft Accomplishments: I don't understand why everyone was so up in arms over the Taylor Lewan selection. Michael Roos won't be on the team much longer, so Tennessee had to find a successor. Besides, with Justin Gilbert and the top three pass-rushers off the board, what else was Tennessee supposed to do, reach for a player? Lewan was the top prospect available, so he was a very good choice at No. 11.

    The Titans made some other solid selections. Bishop Sankey could easily be Offensive Rookie of the Year. Getting DaQuan Jones in the fourth round was a steal. Zach Mettenberger, meanwhile, provided even more value in the sixth frame.

    The issue I have with Tennessee's class, however, is that it didn't find enough pieces for the 3-4. Rush linebacker and defensive end had to be addressed, but those areas were completely ignored. "
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    I'd rather have a player like Locker than a player like Winston.

    A player that is more injury prone but more dedicated to the game and his image rather than a player who is consistently getting in trouble with the law and making common sense mistakes off the field like that.
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    ....And can't get your team to the playoffs cause he's always hurt. No thanks! I'll pass on the lovable family man character traits if it means we can't get back to the playoffs consistently.

    If everyone is going to bash Winston cause of some dumb sorority girl's allegations and a couple crab legs, then also look at some of the grade A characters we just drafted (Lewan, Met) or in the past (Pac-Man, VY, AH) or another honorable mention to the all A plus character team, Travis Henry.
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    Stupid logic. You would rather have a scrub as long as he is a good person. Lmao
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    have you looked into the winston "trouble". How do you feel.about lewan and mett. Maybe we should go get tebow, because he is a really good guy. who needs ws when you can have stand up guys
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    You need a balance of nice guys and thuggish dudes. I'll never argue that thugs are good people but they're definitely good to have on your side when sh*t gets real.
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    Yea every team needs some goons.

    When the Mighty Ducks got the "Bash Bros." they went from pushovers to champs.
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