NFL Could Be Playing in Empty Stadiums

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by The Hammer, Apr 30, 2020.

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    There is quite a bit of lag between new cases and new deaths (at least 2-3 weeks generally). We also know more about the virus now and ways to treat it, than we did in March/April, so that itself will decrease the amount of deaths. Increases in new cases is certainly due to more testing, but the rate of positivity is the concern. We're seeing big spikes in positivity rates and that most assuredly will lead to a spike in deaths. Several states are already reporting their highest COVID hospitalizations since the pandemic began. Unfortunately, it's very likely new deaths will have a sharp rise in the next couple weeks.

    It's very likely at this point that sports will at least start their seasons with no fans. The Novac Djokovic tournament is a prime example of the sort of risk you present and the type of blowback that will be incurred in a worst case scenario situation. The best chance for sports (and everything else) to get back to normal is for a valid treatment/vaccine to be developed.

    Maybe I'm wrong and new deaths will continue to drop. That would certainly be the most optimal scenario.
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    Yup. I know this thread seems to be a few weeks since the last post, but at this point, there is no way the NFL starts the season with fans. The HOF game is already canceled, we know more players and coaches are going to test positive. I do think we get can NFL season, but it wont be with fans (at least to start) and plenty of players are going to have to miss games (they might need to expand the roster). College is a whole other question. I dont know if we are going to get a college season or not.
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    Disagree. They are making the concessions they have to. I'll bet there will be no preseason, they will block off parts of the stadium, and they will make fans sign waivers. But there will be games and there will be at least some fans.

    I think ncaa is likely to do conference play only with similar stadium rules.

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    Bills have already shut the idea of fans down.
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    Doesnt make sense to block off parts of the stadium if the idea is to have fans spaced out, unless you are just talking about suites and maybe club levels. I also dont really see why college would limit it to just conference play. Traveling within your conferense has just as many risks as traveling out of conference. The problem college is going to have, other than the obvious, is that once you get outside of the major conferences, a lot of schools are going to take a financial hit if they dont have fans in the stands. The NFL and major college conferences will still make money off of TV contracts, but mid major programs will struggle financially if they cant sell tickets. I think college is a lot more complicated than the NFL because of those types of factors.
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    Christ, if you're gonna let em pound pure grain alcohol and jump through tables every Sunday, let em brave covid too.

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    lol, well this is above the Bills head, coming down from the state of NY.
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    Just saw an email from the Titans on this season and it appears they understand that fans may or may not get to attend games. They're exploring options such as giving PSL owners the option of coming to a few games so they can stay spread out. They also said if a PSL owner doesn't want to go this season, they won't lose their seat.

    Titans Communicate with Season Ticket Holders About 2020 Season
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    How do we all feel about teams traveling to games the same day? No hotels to worry about, but other issues will arise. Mechanical issues with planes, weather... But theyd be less exposed to the rona..

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    This whole season will be in the record books with an asterisk... and, OF COURSE, this will be the year the Titans win it all.
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