Next week (week #5) will be the test... and then Seahawks after???

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    i wonder if CJ jock riders have ever seen ANY box.
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    If the D plays like they did today, we will beat the Chiefs
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    The Chiefs have a solid d and live off turnovers and special teams.
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    I won't lie.. Even before Jake's injury, I was terrified of these upcoming 3 games.. Now, I'm more afraid, naturally.. I would gladly take 1-2.. I would have taken that with Jake.. 0-3 scared me..

    I thought with Jake, we win the Chiefs game.. It's still possible, but I dunno.. I think we lose to the Seahawks & 49ers.. I'm still hoping by some miracle Jake misses a month.. That includes our bye week.. Let's at least go 1-2 and be 4-3 when Jake comes back.. Then we have very winnable games: Rams, Raiders, Cardinals, Jags 2x, Colts 2x..

    In this scenario, we're at least a 10-6 football team.

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    Hi all -- I'm a Chiefs fan for 20 years and was really looking forward to this game. Two teams that are really showing the league that they are for real and capable of beating anyone on any Sunday. Haven't seen all your games this year, but what I have seen has left me really impressed. The Titans are, in a lot of ways, similar to the Chiefs with a great defense and capable offense.

    I don't know if the Chiefs are better than the Titans but I'm really looking forward to seeing if we can continue to match up with one of the better teams. I really hope Jake Locker is back behind center because he's a great player and I always like to see my team play their opponents at full strength.

    Few things about the Chiefs for those who haven't followed them closely:

    With the caveat that the Chiefs have played Jacksonville, Dallas, Philly, and NY Giants (four NFL teams that aren't the best gauge of your abilities...well three NFL teams and whatever the Jaguars are) here are a few observations for those that care:

    - Chiefs have displayed an absolutely smothering defense that is attack, attack, attack. We play a lot of single-safety and that leaves us open to 2-3 big plays a game. If you have a deep vertical threat you CAN hurt the Chiefs if we don't get pressure on your QB.

    - Brandon Flowers is our #1 CB and his play allows a lot of the man-to-man coverage schemes that we run. He has been hobbled all year (he missed the game today, but a rookie capably stepped in and limited big plays) so keep an eye out to see if he makes a return.

    - We use Jamaal Charles A LOT more as a receiving threat than a rusher through four games. The one exception to this is in the fourth quarter when Charles very average 3.1 ypc (for Q1 - Q3) becomes a nice 6.5 ypc in the fourth quarter. Not sure if this is by design or not but Reid is a stubborn guy when it comes to relying on the pass.

    - Alex Smith is a dinker and dunker who has done a good job of controlling the ball (he did have two INTs today, but neither were his fault) but most defenses are combating this by either dropping 7 or playing shallow since he doesn't stretch the field much (he's probably thrown deeper than 30 yards a handful of times all year).

    - Our O-Line has been schizophrenic most of the year and has given up some sacks. We held the Giants without a sack today but, well, they're the Giants.

    Really looking forward to the game and really hoping Jake is okay. I like your team a lot and think whichever way the game goes we'll both be seeing the post-season this year!
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    GET IT!?!?!?!?


    oh man, I am sooooo funny. What would this board do without me......
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    I got it, you did not have to explain
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    Thats just incase anyone else didn't get it. I know my jokes are pretty intense.
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    The play calling was a little more conservative with more running and max protection schemes once Fitzpatrick came into the game, but that is understandable because you can't afford to get Fitz hurt when you have no backup. I do not expect to see any change in our offense besides no designed QB runs. Now if Fitz goes down we are in trouble, but I think Fitz has the confidence of the guys in the locker room which is important. Turnovers and STs play again will be the key to winning this game. Alex Smith won't get flustered like his brother Geno.