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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by DoubleBlue, Jan 7, 2019.

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  1. Tricky

    Tricky Starter

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  2. 10ECTyrant

    10ECTyrant What! Tip Jar Donor

    It’s happening
    Let’s all face it
  3. Dman5TX

    Dman5TX Starter

    I don’t think Matt hired many guys for his staff. In fact, if I remember correctly Vrabel was hiring many of the position guys before our coordinators.
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  4. RealestWhiteBoy

    RealestWhiteBoy World Champion

    What was our QB play this year? 23rd? 24th? If that doesn't scream promote your QB coach and give him full and unbridled control of the offense, then what does? :crazy:
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  5. Mitch86

    Mitch86 Pro Bowler

    Any names being thrown around on the ol Tweeter or anything? I haven't seen anything other than an article on PFT stating the obvious that the Titans now don't have an OC...
  6. KyTitansFan

    KyTitansFan Make the Titans Great Again

    According to sources, a name to keep an eye on is former Offensive Coordinator Chris Palmer, due to his development of Quarterback Jake Locker. Sources say nothing is imminent but Palmer is in Nashville and is expected to meet with GM Jon Robinson & Head Coach Mike Vrabel as early as tomorrow.
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  7. JiminyBillyBob

    JiminyBillyBob Starter

    Lol. Are they inviting Vince Young for an interview as well?
  8. 305phonzo

    305phonzo Starter

    What about Brian Callahan? I remember his name was floating around before
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  9. kenny

    kenny Starter

    Remember guys... We cannot hire anyone currently under contract regardless of the position they coach... Even if it is a promotion from QB Coach to OC; we cannot hire them unless thier team releases them... I've seen several names of guys under contract that likely will not be allowed to leave. We got lucky (If you want to call it that) w/McVay letting his buddy out of his deal... That won't happen on most teams.

    The only position teams HAVE to let guys go for is a move to HC....
  10. kenny

    kenny Starter

    I like Monken; but doubt this team will ever evolve to a new school Passing offense...

    I like Former Jags OC Hackett if we stay w/the "Exotic Smash Mouth" 2.0 offense... I know the Jags fired him when the wheels came off... However, that **** show wasn't on him. That team quit, had horrific QBs, & RBs that did not want to play. I think he would at least look to be balanced. He seemed to have the Jags offense rolling when he got decent play from QBs or RBs... Which is about what we get here... Good play from week to week from one or the other; RB or QB...
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Not open for further replies due to lack of activity. Consider opening a new thread instead.
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