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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky As usual, I look on Monday to ESPN Stats & Analysis for some context on what unfolded Sunday.

    Here's a look at what Jason Paradise looked at...

    Kerry Collins looked flat in the first half, when I thought maybe the Titans were finally going to produce a dud. But he played far better in the second half, improving his passer rating by 113.8.

    Comp Att Yds TD Int Rating
    First Half 4 10 86 0 1 31.7
    Second Half 9 13 144 3 0 145.5
    Total 13 23 230 3 1 112.3

    As I wrote from Jacksonville, the one thing that is usually missing from the titans offense is the deep ball, but the Titans found it against the Jaguars, with Justin Gage featured in long connections of
    56 (TD), 47, and 38 (TD).

    Comp Att Yds TD Int Rating
    Less than 10 yards 7 13 48 0 0 62.3
    10 Yards or more 6 10 182 3 1 104.2
    Total 13 23 230 3 1 112.3

    Collins had a 135.4 passer rating and one TD then the Titans needed three yards or less, a 144.6 and two TDs rating when they needed four to nine yards and a 45.1 rating with no TDs when they needed 10 yards or more.

    On to his top target, Gage, whose numbers were extraordinary in comparison to the rest5 of Tennessee's pass catchers.

    Gage Rest of team
    Thrown to 5 18
    Complete 4 9
    Yards 147 83
    TD 2 1
    Drops 0 4

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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