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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Tricky, Jan 9, 2023.

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  1. Delco78

    Delco78 Starter

    I think the only way Kelly gets the job is if whoever we are waiting on turns us down and we have no other options
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  2. Prof_Plum

    Prof_Plum Starter

    fwiw - I went to a Chicago Bear forum I frequent and made the following post:
    "Primarily a Bear fan but also a Titan fan. They fired their OC a couple of weeks ago and rumors are circulating that one of the candidates for OC is Matt Nagy. Geeze, just shoot me. Thought I saw that last of that clown."

    The response I got, which was 'liked' by multiple other posters was:
    "Maybe it is similar to the Rooney rule where you also have to interview a candidate that is mentally challenged"
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    Maybe Nagy's learned from his Chicago days, but that's doubtful. My hope is that since he wouldn't relenquish the play calling duties in Chicago, he doesn't want to take an OC position where he's a 'yes man' to the head coach.
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  3. KyTitansFan

    KyTitansFan GM of GoTitans

    OC is much different than HC. Most great coordinators don’t make great head coaches. He was also stuck with the Chicago Bears roster which was much worse than ours. What do you expect?
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  4. Prof_Plum

    Prof_Plum Starter

    We're talking about Matt Nagy, not other coordinators. He's been an OC once, for one year in KC. He was calling plays in Chicago for 4 years, except for a handfull of games.
    Nagy's Chicago teams were 12-4 (because of the #1 defense), 8-8, 8-8 and 6-11. That's 65 3rd quarters he could use to make halftime adjustments. In those 65 quarters, the Bears only scored more than a TD in 7; 3pts or less in 36 of those 65. He made no adjustments. Sound familiar? He nearly got Fields killed in the Cleveland game when he wouldn't adjust protection to help the LT.
    The 3-14 Bears under Eberflus/Getsy did far more with less than Nagy ever did.
    3rdQ: Nagy 2020 = 3.0 pts, Nagy 2021 = 3.6 pts, Flus/Getsy 2022 = 5.4 pts
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  5. KyTitansFan

    KyTitansFan GM of GoTitans

    Who was his QB? That’s important you know.
  6. Rwill

    Rwill Pro Bowler

    I will say it again.. I dont want anything to do with Bears rejects.
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  7. 2ToneBlueBlood

    2ToneBlueBlood Pro Bowler

    Is it wrong to want Arthur to be fired in ATL? Bring me Arthur back.
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  8. Chronos

    Chronos Pro Bowler

    Let’s hope Matt Patricia doesn’t get an interview for OC, what with the New England connection and all.
  9. Titanic_Sub

    Titanic_Sub Pro Bowler

    Would be great but no chance he gets fired. He had his team competing for the division with tingle fingers
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