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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titan_fan_4ever, May 26, 2013.

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    Good points. I didn't realize how severe it was at the time, but Reinfeldt had our roster completely depleted of talent and depth.

    I don't want to give our coaches a free pass, because I don't think they did a very good job last year, but the coaches really haven't had MUCH to work with.
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    Having Kam Wimbley covering Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez against the Patriots is asinine. Griffin, who has failed at SS before, said during training camp he wasn't too hot about moving back there and failed again. How in the world is that putting players in a position to succeed?

    Gray has talked a big game since he came back and has done nothing he's set out to do. It pains me to say it because I really liked the hire, but he's been an absolute failure since being here. Season one he wanted big bodies to stop the run and it didn't work. Season two he wanted small guys to get after the passer it and it didn't work. I really hope season three's flavor of the moment of pressing the corners works a lot better...
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    Press corners are Williams thing.
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    I think Gregg Williams will be the main man on defense strategy. What kind of contract does Gray have?
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    Jerry Gray has always been a master of talking. I'll believe him when I see it.
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    I got faith in Gray/Williams.

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    Munchak was initially brought in on a 3 year deal that we later learned was really a 4 year deal, I'd assume Gray either has 1 year left, maybe 2.
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    You do realize who we had a SS right? Griff got moved there in the middle of the season because the play was so horrible by Babs. But then they had Rj playing and he sucked. My goodness they had Afalava out there at one point.

    The only change on the DL was the addition of Wimbley as far as getting smaller and he in't that much smaller than Ball. The facts are they had so many holes to fill they coldn't fill them in one or even two offseason. They had to rebuild almost the entire DL and all the LBs. Then of course they needed not only a SS but have no depth there.

    Now as for Gray and Williams there aren't as many excuses. They have the horses and more depth. They guy they drafted the last couple of years have a year or two under their belt. So we shall see.
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