New Head Coach possibilities for next season?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by lilkhmerkid4u, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. The Playmaker

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    Bill Musgrave anyone? I also like Jay Gruden but not sure he's ready yet and of course Fewell. Them along with Roman are probably at the top of my list.
  2. The Hammer

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    Someone good
  3. Ghost

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    First off... Lets not even drop the Josh McDummy talk. Your talking about a guy who was trying a trade for franchise QB Sir Jay "Douche Bag" Cutler for Matt Kassel. I don't want to see Jake Locker traded for Ryan "pothead" Mallet.

    moving on....

    I wonder if we could get Bruce Arians. I was thinking about that yesterday. If he would leave his Colts team for a division rival. The guy has been around for a while, being the offensive coordinator on some great Pittsburgh teams and before that he was their wide outs coach, even has a few rings. Hes doing a great job in Indy (8-2) right now as the interim head coach and I am thinking he may jump at the chance to control his own team.

    Doubt it would happen and some of you may for a lynch mob after I mention this name...Kyle Shanahan? He may not be the most popular name out there, he may not even want to leave his father in Washington.. but, he has helped to rebuild that team into playoff contention. While Locker is not as dynamic as RG3, he is still a mobile QB with a cannon for an arm. He could possibly fit into the same style offense that Kyle is running in D.C. not to mention he has spent his life around his father who is a good coach. It could be a bit of a risk though but this would be a cheap option for Bud.
  4. Finnebosch

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    Arains was also the QB coach for the Steelers at one time. In fact he was the QB coach that Peyton Manning ever had in the NFL. Arains is my personal favorite choice for HC and he is imo the coach of the year.

    I think little Shannahan will be a head coach one day but I dont know if hiring someone so young is a good idea though. If he were to get a HC job so soon he would need to hire some really experienced coordinators who have coached for along time in the NFL; Ken Wishenhunt and Romeo Crennel come to mind.
  5. nickmsmith

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    Arians blows. He throws stupid challenges. He's just keeping the same thing going that Pagano started. If we got him, we'd be in bad shape.
  6. madeupdreams

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    Wisenhunt looks like he might be available. :stirpot:
  7. Finnebosch

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    He also is the guy the is currently in charge of the 7th ranked offense in the NFL with a rookie QB at the helm. Also, the team was 1-2 under Pagano and is now sitting in playoff contention. Do you really think the Arians hasn't been a main reason for that.
  8. Riverman

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    How much Geritol would we have to offer? :tj:
  9. Finnebosch

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    IDK 3 bottles?
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  10. xpmar9x

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    Ray Horton.
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