New Deal for McNair Likely Still in Works

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    SUMMARY: As expected, the Titans declined to exercise the $50 million option on McNair's contract, which would have added three more seasons (2007-09) to the deal. But the team still has the option to cut McNair at a future date or restructure his contract. McNair now has one year remaining on his current deal with a base salary of $9 million. At that salary, he will count $23.46 million against Tennessee's salary cap, according to Cook, because millions of dollars that had been prorated over the contract for four years accelerated and goes against only the 2006 cap. The NFL salary cap stands at $94.5 million per team, though it could increase by as much as $15 million per team with a new collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and its players.

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    The McNair / Titans dealings the next few months will be interesting. The Titans, as expected, excerized their $1million option for 2006. They in essence have him as the starting QB for the 2006 season, but would like to rework a deal and extend the contract to lessen the cap hit for next year.
    The Titans can and probably will take Cutler or Young at #3 in the draft, neither is ready to start next year, so McNair has some leverage in that way. The key is, does McNair have any other options on the open market? Eddie thought he did a few years ago and made a horrible mistake. Steve can resign at a good number and finish his career as a Titan.
    Let's hope he makes the right decision


    I can see him kept for the year and Volek traded.
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