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    My sinking gut feeling came when i saw the story that hunter "thinks" his knee troubles are behind him. I thought, surely the fo knew about his history, right?
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    That's the only thing that makes me lworried of the the pick, our top receiver is recovering from an knee injury. Now we draft another receiver recovering from an knee injury, they know about his past and must of seen enough to think its behind him.
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    There's something about this kid the FO really likes to move up and grab him like they did. From my understanding he had dependable hands until coming back this year from the injury which tells me he was having concentration issues, which is understandable after coming back from an injury like that.

    A lot of a recovery like that is mental and he had a pretty descent first year back from looking at his numbers last year. I think he'll have confidence this up coming year to play without the thought in the back of his mind that he might reinjure himself and will be able to just play 100% and focus on making the catches. Britt had his fair share of easy catches he dropped last year too after coming back from his injury
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    I think something Munchak said in the post draft presser was telling. He was asked about what Heimerdinger would think to see that we took a WR so early after all the years of him asking for a WR. Munchak said that there was many times that he himself had been pushing to have an OL taken this early. A subtle jab at Fisher and Co. Times they are a-changing, even if it is because they're on the hot seat.

    I think that Webster is a guy who thinks out of the old school box which is something that Fisher/Reese/Reinfeldt weren't willing to do. Ruston put together a great draft, maybe because his job is riding on it but the main point is that he is willing to go against the traditional thinking.
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