NBC/NFL Network Announce Titans/Steelers Will Air in All 22 Cam

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RealestWhiteBoy, Nov 9, 2017.

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    They went to it on NBC for the Pats/Falcons game, because you could've see the field from the zoomed in angle. The fans responded, and they've decided to experiment with it to find out if it's what the fans really want.

    All 22 live action, zoomed in angles for replays. For me, I love it. Look forward to seeing the plays fully develop in real time.
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  2. bupac

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    So it's going to look like Madden games?
  3. Ensconatus

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    Pretty positive it's going to be skycam not All22. Skycam is the angle they used in the pats fog game. It's actually limited to the Lines unless they try to broaden the view some.

    It'll be great for watching our struggling run game!
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  4. Johnnyb

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    Pretty much.
    The big thing about the Pats/Falcons game was they actually had two Skycam's, one was lower like normal, and the other was up higher, giving a more full field view. But yeah, All22 is the camera view from the upper deck of a stadium to show all the players on the field.

    I love the endzone view in person because it let's you actually see who's open and who isn't, how the run game is developing, and the actual spacing that there is. You sacrifice the ability to see how many yards are gained, but I'd rather get the QB perspective anyways.
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    it better not suck
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    What angle does Fox use for college? Because their games look like Tecmo Bowl.
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  7. RealestWhiteBoy

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    Good call. The original article was using "All 22" and "Sky Cam" interchangeably, but they've corrected it, now. It looks like it will be the lower field-level cam. I love that you'll be able to see the entire game from the point of view of the QB/safety. I enjoyed the angles on the Falcons/Pats game.

    I've always been a 3rd level guy. When I had my season tickets, I specifically waited for a 3rd level option to come open to me. My seats were 3rd level around the 30 yard line, and I could see everything perfectly from there. I've never been a fan of the lower-level end zone, because I have trouble seeing anything happening on the other end of the 50. The depth of the play just escapes me every time.
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    Yeah, endzone at Nissan Stadium isn't the best. My favorite is actually at the old Georgia Dome in the Club Section or Upper Deck, or any stadium that has a higher end zone view. Those are always the best looks to me.
  9. RealestWhiteBoy

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    The high end zone in Pittsburgh was nice (although some of the fans weren't lol).

    I was at the game in the Georgia Dome when McNair injured his calf in 2003, and Volek brought us back for a 38-31 win. I was 3rd level corner of the end zone the Titans were going into in the 4th quarter ... definitely some of the best seats I've had. The whole experience there was pretty good. Fans loved to talk trash back and forth, but you never felt like there was going to be a fight or that you were unwelcome.
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    I love the Falcons new stadium, but I'm still going to miss the old Georgia Dome. Just a great place to watch a game, with not a bad seat in the house.