Rumor Nate is gonna be traded or cut

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JCBRAVE, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. TheSureThing

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    You have a hard time comprehending twitter because it doesn't say anything about Nate getting cut or traded.
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  2. Smash

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    There's a bigger chance Nate is on the final 53 than Kevin Walter.
  3. The Playmaker

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    -This says more about our talent on Offense the past few years rather than how talented Nate really is.
    -Offense is obviously going to pound the ball more, I think Locker is going to be fine with Britt and Wright again along with Hunter. Let's not forget Walker is actually going to make a bigger impact than our last TE.
    -Nate is BETTER than Wright because of the experience he has, Wright is more TALENTED. It's not our fault our OC failed to use him properly.
    -Britt is a very good WR, when healthy. That's not assuming. If Britt goes down we're going to be screwed anyway at the WR position. Nate isn't a guy that can pick up that much slack.
    -Rumors are rumors, I think if one of your "leaders" quits on the team and shows a bad attitude then he needs to go. Again, only if rumors are true but it makes sense.
    -Oh and he's only due 10 MILLION OVER THE NEXT 2 YEARS. Who wants to pay this guy 5 mil next year to be possibly our #4 WR? Anyone reading this please answer that question, who is willing to pay 10 mil for Nate to be on this team for 2 more years? Anyone? What team in the NFL is paying that much for a guy like him? Let alone the Titans who aren't exactly the most pass happy team.
  4. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    If we're putting this much importance on Nate then our offense is already ****ed and I'm not hating this is the truth. Britt is in his make or break year anyway (along with basically everyone) if he doesn't step it up and actually play then he's gone and our offense is already going to be in trouble. It doesn't matter if Nate is on this team or not, our offense struggles mightily when Britt isn't healthy. Hunter is a rookie but he does seem to be that immediate impact player. Wright will continue to progress and had a good rookie year, he'll build off of that. Everyone keeps saying how good Nate has been over the past 3 years but how much is that due to our offense being crap? Is Nate even a starter on most teams? I lean no. Yes he's a consistent guy but what does that really mean in the end if this doomsday scenario being played out here is true? Oh hey Britt is in jail and happened to tear his ACL as well, Hunter isn't ready, and Wright is taking a step back but hey at least Washington is consistent thank you lord for us paying him 10 million over the next 2 years.

    But yes we are the Titans so all of this might happen haha

    JCBRAVE 2017 Pick'em Champion Tip Jar Donor

    I have a feeling theres something wrong with Nate. Hes been really banged up the past two seasons. I think the Titans are trying to move damaged goods.
  6. RockyTop Fox

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    It makes sense.. We would be overpaying Nate for the production we will be getting next season. I'm all for cutting him and resigning him to a lower deal.. I would be a bit worried about cutting him, if Britt goes down, we'll need another starting WR.
  7. ColtKiller

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    Well when you're on a team that's spent 3 first and second round picks on receivers since 09 and you're in your thirties.... Well..... Come to grips. I think Nate is classy and will mentor this young group. And no reason him Wright and hunter can't platoon the Y/slot spots. Especially if britt is healthy throughout the season
  8. Titans2004

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    No need to cut Washington now. Might as well just wait until after camp and see how we stand with the WR group then. Also another team might be hit by the injury bug real bad in TC and be willing to give up a late rnd pick and a bag of peanuts for Washington. Walter can certainly act as a mentor to some of these younger WRs
  9. xhrr

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    haha over my head
  10. SawdustMan

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    That's certainly one stance he could take. He could also take the stance of "I've put up 2,456 yards and 17 TDs over the past 3 seasons, all while playing for crap offenses. I'm only 29 (will be 30 in August) and feel I still have plenty of gas left in the tank. I'm not ready to play the mentor role just yet."

    I'm just saying most of these guys have decent-sized egos. Nate isn't washed up just yet. And he knows it. There's at least a handful of teams out there where he'd likely be able to lock down the #2 spot. Hell, he could probably compete for (and possibly win) the #1 job in New England with that ragtag bunch. I just can't see him wanting to be the #4 guy for a bad Titans team when he has other options for more playing time.

    Then we have to look at things from management's perspective. Do they really want to pay a guy $4 million dollars just to be a mentor/Kenny Britt insurance policy? I can't see it. I've certainly been wrong before though.
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