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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by THE_TITAN, Feb 21, 2011.

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  1. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    My Qb rankings..

    Cam Newton-You can't teach size, you can't teach a guy to have a strong arm and he is an elite runner and a winner. Legit 1st pick caliber prospect with the highest ceiling of any player.

    Ryan Mallett-Elite size and arm. great stats against top compeition. Without question he elevated that program. Mid 1st rd..

    Blaine Gabbert
    -Ideal size and arm. Intelligent. Did everything right to elevate his status. Good interviews. Negative too much of a dink and dunk passer at Missouri. Mid 1st rd.

    Ricky Stanzi-Nice leadership, size and athletic ability. Significant experience. Average arm. Rounds 2-3

    Andy Dalton
    -Great leader, winner, protects the football and doesn't get sacked. Size and arm less than ideal. Rounds 2-3

    Jake Locker-Good size and arm, good but not an elite runner. erratic at times out of control with a accuracy issues. Horrible against the best competition Rounds 2-3

    The best of the rest..

    Ponder mid 2nd to early 4th
    Scott Tolzien 3-4
    Kaepernick 4th rd
    Devlin 4th rd
    Mcelroy 5-6 rd
  2. Titaneers

    Titaneers Ultimate Player

    we probably should talk more about getting a QB instead of a WR.... you know... since the QUARTERBACK needs to get the ball to the WIDE RECEIVER in order for the WIDE RECEIVER be effective...
  3. Titanic_Sub

    Titanic_Sub Starter

    Yeah, big receiver=good and small receiver=bad right? Shut up.
  4. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro


    You shut the f**k up boy. I never said a small reciever can't be good( I actually named one!) but when do we apply a word like "beast" for a guy like that? Beast is what you might call Julio Jones.

    Studying at the Duece school of logic?
  5. Titanic_Sub

    Titanic_Sub Starter

    All you talk about is size, HE BIG AND STRONG HE GUD. Look at your QB rankings, 99% of what you're talking about is size. And Julio Jones sucks.

    Studying at the Oakland Raiders school of logic?
  6. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    Locker works hard and is a leader with a good arm and he can move. I heard a lot about how he had no protection and his WR's dropped the ball. Funny, he had the SAME problems in Senior Bowl weak with a star studded OL and WR's. The problems with Locker are his inaccuracy, poor stats (not good TD per pass ratio), weak stats vs top competition, and wonderlic below 25.

    He's a 2nd round pick (at best) to me.

    Mallet is an intriguing guy because he has the best arm in the draft. He's the only guy who can consistently gun the ball anywhere on the field and make an accurate throw. Problem with Mallett is two-fold. First, while his TD's per pass is exciting, he also will ignore open wr's short and throw it deep trying for a big play. CAN he play within in a system? His stats against top competition are a bit up and down and he makes poorer decisions the more pressure he's under. For a guy who can't move, that's an issue. And then their are the character concerns....for a multi-year starting QB to not be voted team captain should alone set off a red flag.

    He's got a top 5 arm attached to a 3rd rnd head. His interviews and character checks will make the difference between him going in the 1st or him going in the 3rd or 4th.

    His stats are amazing, even when you look at top competition and games where he didn't run as much. Problem is, VY and Tebow had similar stats but Newton is even less experienced than they were. Newton is more of a Tebow runner but has a much better arm. He doesn't have Tebow's leadership and work ethic and that is the crux of the problem. How hard is this guy gonna work and can you draft him and sit him for 2 years?

    Someone will take him in the 1st just for his stats and raw talent, but I wouldn't consider him 'til later first rnd.

    If he sits and learns for a couple of years, he might be the best QB in the draft down the road - IF you can correct some flaws in his game. He can throw very well in shorts, but I don't like his game film, stats, pocket presence, or ability to go through progressions. For a guy in a pass happy offense, his lack of stats is appalling. His lack of TD's is even worse. And the stats get WORSE against top competition! He's needs to fall out of the top 20 picks (at least) and be humbled like Aaron Rodgers was. Then he might have a chance.

    He's a 2nd round pick for me. I like his accuracy and release, but I don't like his film. And transitioning to a pro offense will only make it harder.

    He's an enigma. As a junior BEFORE the Clemson game he's a top 15 pick...maybe even top 10. Then he got hurt during a brutal game and that carried over to his senior season which was 2nd rnd material at best. He's looked good in post season stuff and you like the leadership, but how is he gonna hold up mentally and physically and are you getting Ponder the Junior or Ponder the senior?

    I wouldn't be shocked if someone took him in the top 15 nor would I be surprised if he went in rnd 2. I have a feeling he'll go between late rnd 1 to top 10 round 2.

    Kaepernicks stats scare me off. I would stay away from him in the top half of the draft.

    I really like his leadership and his game. He's got everything you want except gaudy stats. The conference scares me so I'd say he's a 3rd rnd pick though don't be surprised if someone snatches him up in rnd 2.

    His stats impress me. He doesn't have a Mallett type arm, but the guy knows how to lead. Good character and leadership and stats that only improve with top competition. Only knocks are did not have a great Bowl game and was less than inspiring at the combine. Proto-typical 2nd rnd pick and one of the few guys you could plug in and play from day 1. Give him weapons, OL and a featured running game, and he could be a nice NFL QB.

  7. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro


    No i also talked about arm, stats, running ability and leadership. But you were close.:sad2:

    You can work on mechanics and footwork you can not teach a guy to be 6'4 if he is 6'1.

    All these QBs were good college players and all will be drafted. Some have similar skill sets. Stanzi for example has a similar skill set to Dalton but Stanzi at 6'4 1/3, 223 gets a slight edge over Dalton who is 6'2 215. Is it a big edge? No but if you are using a 2nd rd pick on a QB i would take the guy with more natural size and a guy who played a lot of games in the big ten.
  8. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro


    So Gut if we do not draft a Qb in rd 1 which seems likely, is Stanzi your top guy to take at 39? I see Gabbert, Newton, Locker and Mallett off the board by then for sure. I think he is the best option left.

    Some good comments but of course i disagree with you about Newton.
  9. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    Here's my QB rankings:

    #1: Ryan Mallett. Elite arm and elite size. Seems to be able to make all the throws. Has problems in the pocket and is not extremely mobile, which is ok. With a little film study and preparation Mallett could be the next Philip Rivers. My Round Grade: Late 1st - Early 2nd.

    #2: Christian Ponder. Very accurate, but weak(er) arm than most QB prospects. Has decent size and decent speed. Extremely intelligent. Reminds me of a Chad Pennington type prospect, just needs to stay healthy. My Round Grade: 2nd Round.

    #3: Cameron Newton. If we had to take a QB with our #8 pick, this is who I would want. Elite size, overall a good arm. Seems to be a bit immature in his college days, and got in trouble for stupid things. I do not think he could be a year one starter. My Round Grade: Mid 1st round.

    #4: Jake Locker. Tim Tebow like attitude. Very determined, hard working, and a great leader. Has accuracy problems. Locker has decent size, strength, and good speed. If he could get better accuracy he would be the #1 QB prospect, was rumored to be the #1 pick last year. A lot of the blame goes against his poor WR and OL in college, but he struggled in the senior bowl as well. Locker reminds me of a young Donovan McNabb. My Round Grade: Early 2nd.

    #5: Andy Dalton. True winner, lost only 3 games (regular season) since his Sophomore year. 71 TDs carrer TDs vs 30 INTs (only fresh year had double digit INTs). Dalton has an above average arm and is very accurate. Didn't play alot of elite teams, but when he did he still played well. Dalton is an underrated QB prospect. My Round Grade: Mid 2nd - 3rd round.

    #6: Blaine Gabbert. The most overrated QB prospect in a while. I believe he will be a big bust in the draft. Check out this link: Basically gives my reasons. My Round Grade Late 1st - Early 2nd.

    I personally would love to land Mallett or Ponder in the 2nd round.
  10. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    Why am i the only one who has provided analysis of Newton's stats? Is it because those people who don't like him are frightened by his stats? They are that damn good?

    Newton's stats are contradictory. You can dink and dunk your way to a 66% comp rate, a lot of dink and dunk off passes to RBs and such. Or you can throw down the field a lot and produce over 10 yards per pass attempt. I want somebody to tell me how you do both? Newton did both! Many QBs in this draft could do either one.

    Newton vs Gabbert
    Comp % Newton 66.1%, Gabbert 63.4%
    Yards per attempt Newton 10.14, Gabbert 6.71

    Newton vs Ponder
    Comp % Newton 66.1%, Ponder 61.5%
    YPA Newton 10.14, Ponder 6.84

    What about TD to int ratio?

    Newton 4.29
    Dalton 4.5
    Stanzi 4.29
    Keapernick 2.6
    Ponder 2.5
    Locker 1.89
    Gabbert 1.88

    Is there a stat in which Newton was not dominant?
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