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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Brew City, May 1, 2013.

  1. Brew City

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    As some of you have read, I just bought NFL game rewind and have been watching games to see what went wrong with the Titans in hindsight. Just wanted a place to post some of my observations and thought some of you would be interested. It really helps to rewatch the games to focus more on individuals rather than the excitement of the game. If you guys would like buy it too its only $25 for all games since 09 so it's a pretty good deal. Some of these are pretty obvious and have been talked about already so bear with me. This original post was done after week 5, but I will add to it if this gets a welcome reception. Well, lets get started.

    1. Michael Griffin did not make an individual actual open field tackle until 3 min left in 3rd quarter in the DET game. May I remind everyone that that was the 3rd game of the season. I was specifically watching for this. He made tackles earlier, but they were either gang tackles or him pushing the runner out of bounds. It also happened to be against Calvin Johnson, but he had just made a catch and was still off balance. Absolute trash. In his defense he laid the wood twice in the MIN game, but got penalized for helmet to helmet on one of them.

    2. Verner, Morgan, and Casey are beasts in run defense. Can't tell you how many tackles Verner and Morgan made at the line of scrimmage. Casey holds the point of attack very well and frees up the linebackers and corners to make plays. Even splits blockers once in a while and makes huge disruptions beyond the LOS though this isn't as common. Actually bottled Foster up pretty good in the first meeting. He still got his, but what can you expect. Peterson worked us pretty hard too, but we can't expect our D to completely shut down 2 of the top 3 backs in the league.

    3. The pass coverage is horrible. Good QBs just ate up the soft zone. Worst defensive scheme ever. Brady and Rivers just tore us apart in the first 2 games with short passes up and down the field. Even Ponder had great success in the pass game against us. Harvin had a field day. McCourty looked good in man to man, while Verner looked better in zone. Griffin 90% of the time would be way out of position then avoid hitting a receiver. Babineaux looked average. Had a good MIN game, but didn't really notice him the others.

    4. Locker looked real good in the first 3 games. He was not the reason we got blown out. NE game he started slow then Brady marched up and down the field on our D. In the second half I was really impressed with his throws. Accuracy and zip. CJ had 11 carries for 4 yds which absolutely killed our drives. Locker was pedestrian vs SD. Not good or bad. DET game he was dominant. Every throw was on the mark with plenty of zip. Best game of his young career by far. Didn't see too many accuracy issues.

    5. Stewart is done. Penalty machine. Had 3 personal foul penalties in 1 game (I think SD not sure though) not to mention multiple holding and false starts. Regularly got beat to the outside. Roos looked solid though. Got beat a couple times.

    6. CJ still has it. Watching a couple of those early games, although he did dance in the backfield, that did not really affect the stat line too much. He would run up to the LOS with nowhere to go, try to cut and get tackled. If he would have just hit the hole on every carry he prob would have had about 6 more yards. There was just nothing there. When he did have room like in the HOU game he showed his shiftyness and speed and made plays.

    7. Hasselbeck is done. It was hard to watch when he came in. No offense whatsoever. He looked to have more accuracy issues than Locker did early in the season. The MIN game he had about 4 throws where the ball was no where near the receiver. Don't know if these were throw aways, but usually a throw away goes out of bounds. These hit the middle of the field.

    TL;DR We sucked, but there were def a couple bright spots.
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  2. M13

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    LMAO @ the Griffin fact
  3. mike75

    mike75 Starter

    Is Stewart going to be starting in 2013? if he is we just need to hope like hell he is not the weak link on the line.

    If Winston isn't wanting too much we need to try and sign him up.

    I'd hate to see us put all this work and effort into making the line better and then start having issues again.
  4. Brew City

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    Just to add a couple more I forgot.

    8. Kenny was nonexistent in the first 5 games. I would be surprised if he had more than 3 catches. Washington was the best receiver on the field by far. Not even close. Wright looked pretty good, but dropped way too many balls. I didn't really see it til now, but if I had to guess he dropped about 5-6 balls in the first 5 games. Cook actually looked really good too. He would disappear for a while then would show up for a timely big play. The problem is he disappeared way too often. Other receivers not worth talking about. Actually maybe Stevens. Didn't make a lot of plays, but when he did they were big.

    9. Special teams was the best unit by far. Don't see Reynaud losing his spot, so I think Mariani is done as a Titan. 1 return for a td, but consistently gave us pretty good field position. Kern is a really good punter. Kick coverage and blocking is excellent. Too many penalties on punt returns (I'm looking at you Campbell). Bironas looked good til he twisted his ankle then missed a couple in a row. If there was one bright spot in our dismal start to the season it was special teams.
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    ...and we fired the special teams coach...

    I'm still mad about that. Also, the Bush firing made little to no sense. It's like Munch is rallying up his buddies, not building a championship worthy organization.
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  6. Brew City

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    Also remember this only week 5. There is still over two thirds of the season left for me.
  7. Big TT

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    I observed Michael Griffin being a ***** and getting abused on a regular basis.
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  8. onetontitan

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    To this day, I've never seen someone bite harder on play action passes than Michael Whiffin.
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  9. UrbanLegend3

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    Thank you for this.Your analysis seems to be thorough, unbiased,and is badly needed around here. People on this forum, myself included have only clouded memories of what actually happened last season. I just remember a thick haze of suck engulfing the whole team.
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  10. Obie09

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    So if you buy that you get all the 2009 games in CJ's 2000 yard season? I've been trying to find those and rewatch them for the longest time.
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