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  1. 5tweezyPOT

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    this Is a friendly league no money...cpu autopicked first two players. I was last pick in snake draft.

    I got
    cj spiller trent Richardson Darren sproles danny amendola micheal vick Brandon myers alshon Jeffery shonn greene micheal Floyd JAKE LOCKER bengals d Brandon Pettigrew micheal bush ryan succup and lastly Justin hunter! what yall think
  2. RavensShallBurn

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    No offense, but that's a pretty bad team.

    You reached for A LOT of players.

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    Thats a good enough team for me to play with, you probably end up doing alright in that league.
  4. RavensShallBurn

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    I'll break it down.

    1. Spiller - Good pick that late in the 1st round.
    2. Richardson - Meh... you may not have reached for him, but there are a handfull of other 2nd rounders I'd rather have.
    3. Sproles - Big reach. You could've waited until at least the 5th round.
    4. Amendola - At least one or two rounds early.
    5. Vick - Massive reach. He is available beyond the 10th round in most drafts.
    6. Myers - Another massive reach. He is all but guaranteed to be available beyond the 10th round.
    7. Jeffrey - Again, another massive reach. 11-12th round pick, nothing more. I am a fan of him, but Austin, Boldin, Britt, etc. would have been there and would've been better value picks.
    8. Greene - Still a huge reach. I would be surprised if he goes before the 13th in most drafts.
    9. Floyd - A good sleeper pick, but a couple rounds too soon.
    10. Locker - Massive reach because he should not be drafted at all.
    11. Bengals D - Don't draft defense until second to last round.
    12. Pettigrew - You likely could've taken Myers here, but this isn't a bad place to take Pettigrew.
    13. Bush - Not a bad idea to get a guy (late in the draft) who is capable of being a starter if Forte goes down
    14. Succop - Wait until the last round for a kicker.
    15. Hunter - There were better options than him, guaranteed. He's our #4 option at the moment - AT BEST.
  5. 5tweezyPOT

    5tweezyPOT Pro Bowler

    I got in late and got autodrafted spiller and t rich.....also my pick wasn't in in time and got auto selected the dumb bengals d......I know I might of reached for a lot of boom or bust type players but if they boom ill destroy my brothers! appreciate the breakdown though thatll help me in the real draft I got money invested in
  6. 5tweezyPOT

    5tweezyPOT Pro Bowler

    and I haven't done any mocks so I am unsure as to where everyones going so that's why I reached up for vick, greene, myers etc..... myers did pretty good last year with the raiders so im expecting big things outta him...vick I think will be fantasy gold this boss was saying amendolas gone by the 3rd round in most of his drafts so I picked him up where I thought itd be good value
  7. Msut10

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    How many people are in your league?

    I did a 8 man and ended up with:

    Brady/R. Wilson

    CJ2k / M. Lynch / L. Bell /L. Miller/Bernard (Bengals RB)

    Julio Jones/ M. Colston/ R. Wayne/P. Garcon/ K. Wright

    Gronk/ J. Cook

    Pats Defense

    Bryant (K)