My Heath Shular Syndrome theory

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by fitantitans, Jan 29, 2006.

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  1. In his defense somewhat, Shuler did have some injury issues, and I'm not sure how much that held him back. But if it wasn't that, then I'd say he just couldn't carry his success over to the NFL game.
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    If the Titans rate Young and Leinart the same, then I think scheme does play into it much more. I take Leinart who is the better fit to Chow's scheme.
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    Bipolar is right...

    You as a vol fan like heath shuler more than manning? Why because you think he has a nicer butt? What would be the reason? Manning threw 89 TDs passes at UT shuler had 36. Manning won all his bowl game starts shuler did not.

    In shuler's years as a starting QB UT finished 12th in the polls both times. In the final three years that manning was there UT finished 9th, 7th and 7th.

    Why would any real vol fan hate manning in the first place? All the guy did was win there and stayed an extra year at the school when he obviously did not have to. Nobody has done more for the visibility of UT and recruiting than manning. So what if he didn't beat florida he beat everybody else in the sec and got you 3 straight top 10 finishes.

    But hey i'm thinking logically responding to someone who is on another planet.

    By the way to respond to the whole jist of this thread. Shuler failed as an nfl QB because he sucked. It wasn't injuries, it wasn't because he was ruhed into duty and it wasn't because of his horoscope. He just plain sucked! Mike ditka gave him a second chance in new orleans and he sucked there to.
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    ne-no ne-no to you. :))
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