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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by talldrinko, Apr 14, 2006.

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  1. that would be friggen hilarious
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    Well guys, after seeing clips of Young's All-star challenge, 2003 and 2004 highlights - I'm con'VINCE'd. :ha: Thinking about it more and more now, I like the idea of him being here. The reason why is I...a) like his personality, gamer attitude and willingness to improve/learn...b) he has the tools as a QB, he has a rifle of an arm that is majority of the time accurate....c) he adds another dimension to the running game - just the other day someone was saying how we should return to "Fisherball" a.k.a strong, clock controling running game and a tough-as-nails defense. I'm sure Chow could do someting creative to help the running game through Vince. Though, in order for that to work we really need to work on the O-line. Tackle wise I think we're ok. it's the G position that could use some work and I think getting a guy like Taitusi Latui from SC would be the mean-spirited run blocker we need. So, here's what I hope our first three picks look like:

    1) Vince Young, QB Texas
    2) Taitusi Latui, OG USC
    4) Leon Williams, ILB Miami (this pick provides the athletic, speedy ILB we're looking for)

  3. definately agree, when we controlled the clock and had the best run stopping defence in the nfl we were very tough to beat, although we werent known for our big plays we got the job done and in the end thats all that matters
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    Didn't Henry resign for something like vet min? I think he'd be gone otherwise. C.Brown is going to get himself concussed out of the game soon. Some people just seem to be more prone to concussions and I think he's one of them.
  5. y would he be more prone when he is one of the few guys in the league that run with his head up, yes he is subject to take more blows to the body, but his head isnt real low where everyone is trying tackle u at
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    Drafting addai isn't bad idea...

    Brown's contract only runs through 2006. Would be nice to have a quality back ready to step in that is as good or better.

    It could mean sending nash on his way or trying to get a pick for him. A 7th rd RB choice wouldn't be a good idea though. I would go for lineman in the 7th rd.

    Not a bad mock though.

    I think addai is going in pick 30 to the colts.
  7. well i think that we need to go back to controlling the clock like we used to, get a running back like eddie in there, i know i said that he didnt do a lot in the pro's but what i was reffering to no that comment was that he never made huge plays happen for us, but he only fumbled the ball once, and he was never driven on his back. and i wish he was at practice and would just run over pacman and maybe that would knock some sense into that kid
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