Munchak won’t be pinned down on QB timetable

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    Coach Mike Munchak knows the clock is ticking toward a decision about a starting quarterback, but right now he’s taking things one game at a time. Munchak said on Wednesday the Titans won’t even name a starter for Week 3 of the preseason, vs. Arizona on Aug. 23, until after Friday night’s game at Tampa Bay.

    “A lot is going to start depending on what starts happening,” Munchak said. “We are running out of time. The season is getting close. We’ll make that decision a couple of days after this game.”

    As for when the Titans might make a decision between Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker for the regular season, Munchak was unwilling to commit. All along, the coach has said it would be at some point around the third preseason game.

    “The sooner the better for this, but I think there’s certain things we can’t hurry, certain things we still need to see and feel good about it,” Munchak said. “Once we do, then we’ll move on because you want to get your quarterback named and get going. I don’t want to do it the week of the opener by any means. We need to do it before that.”

    Locker was 9-of-11 passing in Wednesday’s practice at Baptist Sports Park, with no interceptions. Hasselbeck was 8-of-13 with an interception. Safety Jordan Babineaux picked off Hasselbeck on the final play of practice.

    Source: Titans Insider