Munchak: We want a veteran QB who can win now.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by jessestylex, Jul 13, 2011.

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  1. CJtheBeast

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    It seems the main reason people want Favre in TN is to be a mentor, not because of his playing ability. When he had the time to mentor AR he was basically a di*k. So my comment was in reference to Favre playing mentor.

    I've stated several times before I think the whole "mentor" tag is just a bunch of bs. So even with Favre's experience, I don't think he should be the Titans #1 or #2 next year.

    As far as the whole Favre's backups thing. I'm not so sure if its playing behind Favre or playing in Green Bay's system. All of their QB's have excelled in that system it seems (Favre, AR, Flynn). Either they're making great picks, or developing their QB's the right way. Or it could be their system. Whatever it is, its working.
  2. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    What Favre runs and what the Titans do are worlds apart.
  3. jessestylex

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    NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora is the latest national insider to suggest free agent Matt Hasselbeck will indeed be the "Opening Day starter" for the Titans.
    Local as well as national scribes have begun lining up to predict that Hasselbeck will leave Seattle for Nashville due in large part to his connections in the Titans' front office.
  4. Gunny

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    I don't get the logic of his connections in Tennessee? Doesn't he have connections in Seattle?

    If they aren't interested in re-signing him then yes I see the logic, but if they want him back...why would he leave?
  5. CJtheBeast

    CJtheBeast Starter

    Just say no to Hasselbeck. 70 something QB rating...way more INT's than TD's. Id advise all you fans to do your research. When I did I was dissapointed to say the least about his recent performance
  6. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    Matt Hasselbeck's career stats:

    176 TD/128 INT
    29,579 yards
    82.2 QB rating

    Looks like you should do some research. I'm assuming you were focusing only on his 2010 stats, but that's not exactly fair. His team was pure crap. If you put him on our team in 2008, we'd have won the Super Bowl (yep, I said it, and it's true). And, we would have at least won some playoff games in the 2009 and 2010 seasons.

    His stats are almost a mirror image of Steve McNair's. The guy is good. We don't want a permanent solution. He can be our starter for the next two or three seasons, depending on how Locker develops. Hasselbeck is also victim to average receivers as well. Assuming moron Kenny Britt can stop getting into trouble, we could have an absolute monster offense.

    He led the Seahawks to five consecutive playoff appearances. Just 6 months ago he proved that he's still got something left in the tank when he threw for 530 yards and 7 TDs in two playoff games. He had the 3rd highest postseason QB rating (behind only Manning and Rodgers).

    I am, in no way, arguing that Hasselbeck is a top tier QB. He's not - not even close. In fact, I'd probably rate him between 16-19 as far as QBs in the league go. He's good enough to win us some games and keep us from getting blown out. I wouldn't be shocked to see us come out with a winning record if we can snag him... and this is coming from the guy who's been guaranteeing a 3-13 record.
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  7. CJtheBeast

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    1) His team was garbage last year, I give you that. As far as winning the Super Bowl, that's a stretch. I don't think he would've done that much better than Kerry that year. 1st of all, Fisher was the head coach. He would've only had 20 passes a game!! :joking:

    2) Hasselbeck is no Steve McNair. McNair's intangibles are what separate him from other QB's. You can't always just look at stats. McNair was hands down the better QB IMO. And in Hasselbeck's last 3 years he's put up a rating of 73.2, 75.1, and 57.8. Not great.

    3) He plays in the worst division in football. They made playoffs last year going 7-9. He played very well in the postseason though so your right about that. I commend him on protecting the ball instead of his yards though. He had 35 and 46 attempts respectively. The yards are gonna come when your slinging it that much. He didn't play lights out, but I get what your saying. I'd like to see him play like that for the two tone blue.

    4) I can somewhat agree with you on this point. I'd have him somewhere slightly lower. He's not a terrible QB, but he's also not gonna give your offense that much of a boost.

    My take on Hasselbeck, he's not gonna push our team. And as far as him being our QB for 2-3 years...hex no. I'm expecting Locker to get some burn this season. Hopefully mid way through the season.

    I'd take McNabb over Hasselbeck anyday. I'd take Orton over them both. And you know who'd I'd take over all 3 :cool:
  8. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    I'm not saying he's better than McNair, but the fact that his stats are so similar should tell you he's a good QB.

    I don't think it's a stretch at all to say we would've won the Super Bowl with Hasselbeck in 2008. We would've won it with KFC if CJ didn't go down. Granted I now realize that 2008 was Hasselbeck's worst year and he was injured. But still... There were so many average to mediocre QBs you could've put on our 2008 team and we'd have won it all.

    That 57.8 rating was not from a full season of playing.

    I would love for Locker to be able to develop quickly and play this season, but that's not ideal. I'm fine with McNabb or Palmer if possible too. Orton can blow me.
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  9. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    His most recent performance was his two playoff games. In which he completed 59.3% of his passes, threw for 530 yards, 7 TDs, and 1 INT... with a QB Rating of 102.4.

    If you break down his 2010 stats even more:
    12 STARTS w/ 18+ attempts:
    Week 9 & 17 Hasselbeck did not play.
    Week 15 & 16 Matt was fighting injuries and played

    So that makes his starting stats:
    253/423 - 60.1 Comp%
    2906 Yards (242.17 ypg)
    12 P. TDs/2 R. TDs - 15 INTs

    So basically he would have 242.17 ypg, completing 60% of his passes, and roughly 1 TD/1 INT a game. Nothing amazing, just average stats.
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  10. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    Kirwan of just gave his Top-10 available QBs:

    Pretty good article, here's his top 10:
    #1. Carson Palmer (49ers or retire)
    #2. Kyle Orton (Arizona)
    #3. Kevin Kolb (Seattle)
    #4. Matt Hasselbeck (Tennessee)
    #5. Donovan McNabb (Minnesota)
    #6. Vince Young (Miami)
    #7. Marc Bulger (Baltimore)
    #8. Rex Grossman (Washington)
    #9. Jake Delhomme (Denver)
    #10. Alex Smith (Washington)

    I'd agree with that list. Teams in ()'s is who I see them going too. Where do you see the Top 10 QBs going?
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