Munchak to interview with the Lions

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by lilkhmerkid4u, Jan 7, 2014.


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    It's a shame that you don't see what's blatantly obvious. If you chose to take that as me cramming my opinion done your throat okay...

    And just know this, before taking any stance on any Titans related subject, I do ALL the homework. You'll never see me jump to conclusion without all the facts.

    So if you want to claim I stand strong on my opinion, I guess I'm guilty, but it's usually the right one.
  2. CRUDS

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    What? I have lived in Detroit. There ain't much nearby neither..
    Nashville is superior..
  3. CRUDS

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    LOL.. 2/3 of DW's posts are solely intended to rile up people who aren't in on the joke..
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  4. UrbanLegend3

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    I know they come off that way but I don't think so. Sometimes he does troll for he fun of it but most times he's just saying things that he know will rile people but he still believes in.
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    No he doesn't

    He commits more than anyone I have ever seen. Its actually quite admirable. You know you are a master debater when you can argue a side effectively that should not even be argued.
  6. Deuce Wayne

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    Yet, I continue throwing ration out...

    You? "He's just not a head coach".

  7. Deuce Wayne

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    And guys, we've been over it a million times... it's a bit of all things mentioned.

    I exaggerate to make points. But I can typically back them up, which is why I stick to them.

    It's rare I ever throw things out there without some sort of reasonable equation behind it. Which is why when people on here agree with my stance I'm the best- when they disagree, I'm "trolling".

    I do have fun with it though. No denying.

    Like with Munch- I'm not here claiming he's a great coach. Hell, I'm not even a Munch fan. I just think his firing wasn't ill-thought. I'm not angry over it. I can also give a list of reasons why that will stand firm against any other's reasons he should have been fired. With actual observation and stats into account.
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    he may not be bad but he isn't that good if he was hed have more than one interview for a hc job and we woulda won more. obviously if anyone thinks we can plug in any coach and be better is dumb. we could do worse.

    but we can also do better....and I hope we do this year. I don't want to be anyones first win of the year after week 8 anymore. I don't wanna be the fan of a team who no one talks about ever. I want my team to do better. earn recognition.

    trust me I aint a munch hater....well if he takes that Houston job I will be lol but I do think we can do better and id like to see what would happen with a different coach and I think were still 3 years overdue on a culture change which is my main reason for not wanting munch
  9. Gunny

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