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    Coach Mike Munchak said one of the biggest priorities this offseason is restoring a sense of belief. That’s no small task considering the Titans went 6-10 and gave up a franchise-record 471 points last year.

    How much better the Titans actually will be remains to be seen, but Munchak thinks an extremely busy offseason has energized his players.

    “I think (restoring belief) was real important. I think it was important for the players, fans, everyone to see what we were going to do,” he said. “We were 6-10 and we weren’t happy. We were disappointed.

    “Well, what were we going to do about it? I think we showed that we pretty much did everything we could do between coaching changes and personnel with free agency, with the draft … I think the players saw that, the fans saw that.”

    Munchak said he sees a noticeable difference in the enthusiasm on the field.

    “I can see it in the players when they’re practicing out here, even though it’s OTAs, the energy on both sides of the ball and special teams,” he said. “The players have heard (about the new additions), but until you come out here and you compete and you really say, `Man, that guy is pretty fast,’ and you start seeing how good some of these guys are and you see what a difference it is. That’s important for the players to see this time of year.”

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    Source: Titans Insider
  2. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow CEO of PPO Tip Jar Donor

    We have far too much talent to walk away with less than 8 wins this season. We could probably win 8 on accident.
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  3. GoT

    GoT Strength and Honor Tip Jar Donor

    could have backed the bus over Jerry Gray
  4. Big TT

    Big TT Annoying the's what I do.

    You know I am glad they are "excited" and all. I hope it shows on Sunday afternoon's. But I really don't care. I have long thought and said that you should be able to play hard each and every game. It is not like baseball or basketball where they play 162 and 82 games respectfully. They only play 16 games, they should be able to play 16 times a year like their "hair is on fire". This team, or rather some players (michelle griffin) plays like they doesn't care and would rather be some place else. Effort does not take talent.
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  5. GoT

    GoT Strength and Honor Tip Jar Donor

    Completely agree.

    I would rather have a less talented football player that wanted too play, rather than a disinterested Troup/Cook/'the Diva'/'la Vagician. I was as hard on Donald nickey as anyone, probably wanted him gone more than anyone else - but at least he tried his hardest. By all accounts he was a workout warrior and, although he clearly could not play safety in the NFL, occasionally made a ST play. I think of Shaw as a more talented nickey. Will Shaw stick with a more talented LB corps? We all shall see, but I would rather keep him than some punk with 'potential'

    LANGSTER Starter

    I would rather have both. Rudy is a good story but it does not win football games! NFL is Not For Long if you do not have the skill set. As far as energy, I wish our head coach had more on the sidelines. When he was miked up for that Texan game and all he kept saying was "wow, we can't really be this bad!" He sounds great on Sirius when he comes on, but he appears to be lost on the sidelines at times. Maybe in year 3 it will come together, I would like to see more energy from the top as well.
  7. GoT

    GoT Strength and Honor Tip Jar Donor

    cant argue that.

    That game he was miked up was an embarrassment. He appeared to be as much a spectator as me
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