Munchak taking more active OL role

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans Insider, May 10, 2013.

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    You're right, there was not a true search to find the best. Bud wanted Munch, and the rest is history. I too love the additions and believe Ruston Webster is one of the best up and coming GM's in the league. He's infused this team with talent. Before we had poor personnel and bad coaching, now we have a talented group and hopefully Munch and the coaching staff have improved dramatically.

    Mike Reinfeldt was completely incompetent, but that doesn't put a check mark in the Munch column. I don't think below average personnel excuses Mike Munchack. We still had NFL players, we were not a team of replacements.....close, but not quite. Heaven forbid he coaches anyone up, or deigns a system that allows these players to play to their strengths. As I've said, we've had below average talent and have also been coached poorly. What we've seen against the Bears, Packers, Vikings, and Texans has not been NFL quality football. Those games were hard to take, even for Bud.

    He sure as hell didn't have the AFC Pro Bowl team out there, but we still were somewhat privy to Mike Munchak's coaching abilities over his time here. And he hasn't done very well.

    Everyone wants the same thing....a winning football team. If we win, there are no questions about the HC.
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    Your analogy if the sale secretary taking the sales manager job is ridiculous. Munch is a HOF player and was a very good OL coach. Granted he had no head coaching experience but it wasn't like the guy was in a cave either. He appears to have good communication skills and has been able to draw the FAs we have gone after. When I listen to him speak he seems to have a good grasp of the situation and what needs to be done. IMO the HC gets too much of the blame when things don't go right and not enough some time when they do. Ultiately the player win or lose games. And Munch has not had the players to consistently win yet. Injuries have not helped either. The team now has more talent and more depth. Locker needs to shine.
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    It's all on Locker.

    The o-line is a mix of young stud rookies, young vets(Levitre) and 2 quality 30 year old tackles and several guys in between all that. Add a young stud OT and we are complete.

    Never has the Wrs been so good and deep and they should all be motivated. Quality TEs and quality RBs.

    It's all on Locker.
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    MR's legacy rests on the 2011 draft. That means Locker.

    The 2011 draft-Locker,Ayers, Casey, McCarthy, Klug, Campbell.

    The long term contracts for Roos and Stewart.

    That all comes to a head this year. The success and leadership of those players.
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    That's cool, we'll agree to disagree. Coaches at non-skill positions that skip the coordinator position and go directly to HC is a serious rarity. I never said Munch wasn't smart or living in a cave, but there is no doubting that Munch was completely over his head when he was hired to be an HC. I'm not sold on some of the people he brought in (or kept) either. For instance, Steve Brown was an AWFUL DC at Kentucky, absolutely dreadful. They even had some decent talent and he found a way to run one of the most incompetent defensive schemes on a weekly basis that I've ever witnessed in my life. Most of the time, his backs looked completely confused and out of position. We've seen a lot of that in Nashville, too. And something I think a lot of people don't think about or just don't want to: HOF player does NOT automatically equate to good coach/administrator.
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    Dude, cut him some slack. There was a TON of things that he had to deal with first before he could do anything extra and not let his first priorities suffer.
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    His first priorities being.....

    There were a ton of things he had do deal with before he could start coaching up a part of his team?
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    His first priority being getting a new GM.
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    I will agree with what you said. A lot of our success this season depends upon Jake and how he performs.

    But I'll add something to that thought. This doesn't mean that Jake needs to go out there and be Tom Brady. Jake needs to manage the game this year. Limit turnovers, convert 3rd downs, and let the running game help him as much as possible.