Munchak taking more active OL role

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    Saying Munch is way in over his head is ridiculous. Sure there is a learning curve but Munch is no dummy. He inherited a crappy team (with personnel that didn't match what they were trying to do) which now has a nice blend of vets and young guys with some talent finally that better fit the scheme. Belichick wasn't any beter in his first few years.
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    They didn't know what they wanted to do, especially on defense.

    Year one: "We want big guys who can stop the run." Well that didn't work since we ranked 24th in the league.

    Year two: "We want smaller guys who can rush the passer." Not so much, as the pass rush was nonexistent unless they were playing the Jags. Hell, they wasted a season and a half of Akeem Ayers' career by not turning him loose to get the QB.

    This year's new thing is playing press. Hopefully it works out better than the last two.
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    You can be in over your head with an assignment/job, and not be a dummy. We've chagned schemes offensively, from a pass happy, down the field, air it out with a questionably accurate rookie QB with a terrible o-line. To now, not doing that, because it was a disaster. The offensive scheme is whatever the OC says it is, Munch has no scheme, has no idea what he wants to run, and only has a clue as to how to use these players when someone tells him how to use these players. And now defensively, we're trying something totally different.....significantly changing your schemes on both sides of the ball with the same HC (in his third year) is not a credit to Munchak's coaching's because he got it wrong, that we are now overhauling everything.

    He left it up to Chris Palmer and Jerry Gray over the past two years, it didn't work. To his credit, he realizes he's in over his head, and brought in Greg Williams. Ruston knows this as well and has gone on a spending spree, the only thing they can do to cover up Munch.

    He could be Belichick in disguise, or he could simply be a bad HC.
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    As far as the two Belichick references in this thread go, the guy is terribly overrated. I look forward to Tom Brady retiring in a couple of years and The Cheater being exposed for the fraud that he is.
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    Belichick will retire with Brady so he doesn't have to be exposed. He'll go down as a top 5 coach in NFL history.

    The NFL will be sure to get the Pats in the Super Bowl Brady's last season. They'll win and Brady/Belichick will "ride off into the sunset."
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    and just before they vanish over the horizion they will stop and soundly kick Kosars dog in the nutz
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    Bringing in 5 new OL guys shows what this staff thought of last year's OL (rightfully so).

    I don't think Munchak is in over his head. I think this is a rebuilding process in year three that should see vast improvements. Don't forget 9-7 with a bad staff/old QB. Last year was bad at 6-10 but it was also a learning curve.
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    learned Jerry Gray should not be employed
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    Well since Kosar's dog was "fixed", then no.
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