Munchak sees potential in Zac Diles

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    Linebacker Zac Diles saw his most significant action for the Titans on Sunday, as he was on the field for 35 of the 60 defensive snaps, as opposed to starter Will Witherspoon, who was on the field for only 25 snaps.

    “We wanted to get him in there,” coach Mike Munchak said of Diles. “The week before I think he played about 15 snaps, 18 snaps. We feel he’s an explosive player. He had some nice tackles on the back. I thought he did a nice job filling (holes) quick. He brings a different type of style, how he plays. We just wanted to get him more (plays).”

    Diles is in his seventh season and spent his first four seasons with Houston.

    “We thought ‘Spoon was gtting a lot of reps because he was playing both nickel and base,” Munchak said. “And we need to find out more about (Diles). We know kind of what ‘Spoon can do and it give us a chance to see Zac out there playing. That was the intent going in, especially against a running football team. We thought he would fit in nice to help us stop the run and he did.”

    Source: Titans Insider
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    I like that Madden had/has(?) him rated higher than McCarthy smh
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    People still play Madden? I stopped about five years ago after they kept putting out the same crappy product year in and year out with barely noticeable sometimes worse tweaks. The gameplay just isn't as fun as the older years were when it was exciting every time madden came out.
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