Munchak said he’s proud of Kenny Britt

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    The last 3-4 years the trend has been towards teams passing more but with that teams have been using more 3 WR sets. Teams now look for TE's to be like WR so there's more guys to spread it around to. I think that's why there aren't more 1000yd catching seasons.

    When RB's were offensive cornerstones teams ran more 2 WR sets and TE's weren't pass catching phenoms.

    I still respect a 1000 yds rushing by a RB but a WR getting a 1000yds is much greater achievement.

    Megatron is a special player who should get a 1000yds in any offense but how many yards/catches would he get in ours?

    Our issue since McNair has been finding a guy to throw to our WR's. Getting franchise QB is a lottery we haven't had luck with.
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    Very easy to see what is average for a starting WR who plays most of the games in a year. Lok at the 32nd ranked WR in passing yards. The 32nd WR(Not including TEs) had 816 yards.

    800 yards is average.

    For starting running backs 1000 yards is average. Bradshaw was 16th in rushing with 1015 yards.

    For TEs 500 yards is average. The 16th ranked TE in receiving yardage was Tamme with 555.
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    I went back 20 years ago to 1993 on pro football reference and came up with these averages.

    32nd WR receiving-756 yards..

    16th RB rushing-763 yards.

    So what constitutes an average hasn't changed that much for WRs but it has gone up significantly for RBs.

    The big difference from today and 20 years ago are the TEs. 500 yards receiving was a damn nice year for a TE then and 600-650 yards could get you in the pro bowl.
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    completely agree with you here, TE's are getting used a lot more these days in the passing game aside from blocking. McNair used to love to throw to Wycheck and I really hope Jake can get the ball to walker a lot.
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    Nope. I'm not a CJ basher.As long as he keeps producing 1,000 yard seasons I won't be bashing regardless of what others say. I believe that the 1,000 yard mark while no longer the sign of an elite RB is still good production and thus not worth my anger. I know many feel he should produce much more due to his contract and while I do agree, it doesn't really matter to me how much he gets paid as long as I see him making an effort on the field.
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    1015 yards was the median for the 32 nfl starting RBs. So how then is that acceptable for CJ who is expected to be an elite type player?
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    Please read the last sentence of my post. I base what I find acceptable on my opinion not that of others. I respect the opinion of others but ultimately I apply my own standards.
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    Britt has scored me 3 whopping points in FFL this year. Just sayin'......

    I'm starting Kenny today only because I'm out of players due to the byes.

    He's going to have a breakout game today! I can just feel it! LOLOLOLOL
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    Doubt that but best of luck to the two of you
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    I have Britt and :cj: on my Titan Cup team. Thought they were both in for a big season :biglaugh: . New OL for :cj: and contract year for Britt. Now I am in last place :irked:
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