Munchak: Preseason will be easier for quarterbacks

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans Insider, Aug 5, 2012.

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    Quarterbacks Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker are expected to split first-team reps on Monday when the Titans practice against the Falcons in Dalton, Ga.

    In Sunday’s team drills, Hasselbeck completed 10-of-16 passes with one interception. On the interception, Chris Hawkins tipped the ball and Al Afalava picked it off. Locker went 11-for-17.

    “I think we’ve put a lot on them. I think there’ s a lot going on,” coach Mike Munchak said. “We’re asking them to check a lot of plays and check protections. So it’s like we’re out here playing a game. We’re asking them to do a lot of things.

    “And like we’ve said, they’re not necessarily sure what they’re going to face or what period they’ll even be in for, so I think they’ve handled it well.”

    Munchak said that as the team now starts preparing for preseason opponents, things should actually get easier for the top two quarterbacks. They won’t have to worry about using the entire playbook for games — as opposed to the current practices, when any play is a possibility.

    “I think once you get to games, it’s a lot easier than practice when you have the whole playbook in and you’re not sure what we’re going to do,” Munchak said. “It will get easier as far as the game plan … Now it will just be competing against the other teams.”

    Source: Titans Insider
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    Has Hasselbeck made it through a practice without an interception? I know a lot of people get hung up on Locker's accuracy issues, but I haven't heard much about him turning the ball over. Seems like all of Hasselbeck's "good" practices are accompanied by at least one interception. He was a turnover machine down the stretch last season. He had a seven game stretch where he threw three touchdowns and eight interceptions. Of course, this is still just practice and we'll know more soon enough, but if it comes down to it, what's more important to you? More dumpoff passes to Chris Johnson, or less turnovers?
  3. Ten_Titans

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    Tie goes to the one who isn't 40 years old.

    It's a rule.
  4. CJtheBeast

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    Definitely less turnovers. Especially since Jake can get 1st downs running the ball. I believe Hasselbeck has made it 1 practice without a turnover. I'm pretty sure Jake has thrown less interceptions.

    I'm hoping they both perform well this off-season. I feel we have pretty good CB's, so if they can throw against our DB's, they can throw against other teams. If Cook is a bigger part of the pass game early this season we'll have an exciting year offensively. We've got a lot of weapons that can make plays after the catch. 4 can take it to the house if they make you miss.
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