Munchak: Otto will get help vs. Colts

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    Coach Mike Munchak hasn’t ruled starting left tackle Michael Roos out of Sunday’s game against the Colts, but said he’s proceeding as if Mike Otto will be starting at that position.

    Roos has 119 straight starts, but had his appendix removed on Monday and is not expected to practice this week.

    Munchak said the Titans would give Otto some help from time to time, especially if he has to deal with the likes of Dwight Freeney or Robert Mathis.

    “We know we’ll do our best to help Mike get comfortable in the game, like we’ve done before when a lineman hasn’t played very often,” Munchak said. “You don’t want to just put him on an island and say good luck to him. You’re going to help him, not to where you’ll help him every down, but you’re going to mix it up, to where they can’t figure out either when you’re helping and not helping him.

    “He’ll do fine. Like I said, it’s not like he’s a rookie. He just hasn’t played a lot. But he’s a veteran guy, a smart guy and he knows how to get through the game.”

    As for other Titans injuries, those not practicing on Thursday included linebacker Colin McCarthy, linebacker Patrick Bailey, cornerback Tommie Campbell, linebacker Will Witherspoon, quarterback Jake Locker, running back Javon Ringer and guard Steve Hutchinson.

    McCarthy and Hutchinson are expected to return to practice on Friday, and Munchak is still hoping Witherspoon (hamstring) will play on Sunday. Munchak has already ruled out Bailey, Campbell, Locker and Ringer for Sunday.

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