Munchak Needs To Have Intensity And Show More Emotion As Head Coach

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. mike75

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    Exactly.I agree with everything you just said and i've never seen him chewing anybody out which can lead to guys maybe becoming complacent and comfortable because they know they aren't in any hot water with the coach.As far as being energetic i agree there also that he could at least smile or pump a fist or something because he brings no energy to the sidelines at all.I'm wondering if this might be one of the many reasons Gregg Williams was brought in to do the things that Munchak won't as far as handling the players.I do think that Williams is going to bring things to the sidelines that have been missing the past few seasons and thats getting fired up and getting players ready to play and bringing them out of games and getting on their ass when they miss assignments or make mistakes on certain plays.I'm also guessing to get on Jerry Gray's ass about all the crappy playcalling and get his plays suited more to the defense we need.
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    I hate these threads. Who really gives a crap how he acts, just coach us to a win.

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    Jason Jones, and Albert Haynesworth have been ejected, so we know players can be, but coaches, IDK. Thats a good question.

    Im thinking NFL coaches are protected from being ejected as part of the coaches union, but Im not 100%. There was talks about ejecting coaches while the replacement refs were around.
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    a man's personality is his personality, it doesnt make or break him as a coach, there have been successful coaches of assorted personality types. I think Munch is a winner but time will tell. I think we as fans are pissed so we want our coach to express our frustration for us lol. I think we will have more fun this year. GO TITANS!
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    Stupid thread. You don't need to be a crazy man running up and down the sideline tipping over gatorade coolers. Tony Dungy did just fine. Bill Belichick doesn't do too bad for himself. Mike McCarthy is the same way.

    You'd think Mike Ditka would have won more than one Super Bowl the way he showed emotion. The most important thing is having good players and putting them in a position to succeed.
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    Belichick has the biggest attitude of all 32 coaches. Why do you think hes not in Madden? He likes standing out as the only coach not in the union.
  7. MrBean

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    This is what everyone wants from Munchak :|

  8. SlidePiece

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    Exactly....because then I would know that he actually knows where he is.
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