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  1. Ensconatus

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    Great argument. Continue while your completely curve the point made.
  2. xhrr

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    He used to bounce runs outside and take them 20+ or to the house on a regular basis. Now he seems content staying in the middle of the field and falling over before contact. He had incredible vision when he came into the league and the ability to run through arm tackles. I've yet to see that this season and as bad as our blocking has been at times he has had the opportunity to hit the homerun but he doesn't see it. I agree we don't utilize him the best we could but he still doesn't seem to run with the same authority and initiative as he used to. Throw him the ball in the flat in space and its like everything clicks again and old CJ is back. Turn around and hand it off and the wheels fall off.
  3. TitansWillWin2

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    Go back and watch all his big runs. Most of the time they were when there was a lane up the middle. This he just ran sweeps to the house all the time is false.

    CJ is running harder than he has ever run when contacted. He isn't just falling down anymore he is fighting for extra yards. That 3rd down sweep that jake locker almost threw well behind him was one hell of a play and effort from CJ
  4. UrbanLegend3

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    Anyone one who says CJ was slow or "almost got caught" on the big play is trippin badly. He literally split 2 DB's who had an angle on him. I haven't seen anyone since prime Mike Vick do that. I vivdly remember seeing the 2 DB's and thought to myself "Let's see is CJ still has it". Sure enough he hit full stride and pulled away convincingly. He also ran extremely hard and showed he still has good vision by locating the inside lanes Schwenke was creating.
  5. Brew City

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    I was on your side until this. I don't necessarily think he has lost vision, but something is definitely different. Im thinking that he's so used to getting bottled up now, when he does have room he just puts his head down and tries to pick up whatever he can. I seem to remember reading Croom was trying to turn CJ into a one cut back to avoid dancing in the backfield, but I think this may have messed up his open field game. While receiving he seems to still have it though. It might just be a mental thing.

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    Those DB's weren't even trying to catch him. Yea he's still fast but he rarely gets to 5th gear, he'd rather shimmy shimmy cocoa puff the defender and fall over.
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    Once again you miss key points. I never said he took sweeps to the house I said he bounced runs outside. You can't bounce a sweep further outside it is already an outside run. So obviously I'm referring to run in between the tackles. Try again this time don't put words in my mouth.

    He is not running harder than he ever has evident of his putrid YPC. Also his yards after contact is at 1.3 which puts him at 56th among RB's.
  8. TitansWillWin2

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    His open field game is excellent. You can tell that by this year when he has the few chances to get in the open field he has made them pay.
  9. TitansWillWin2

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    He is fighting for the tough yards. The fact that he actually has been able to get yards the last two weeks with Fitz and turner starting is amazing IMO. Look what peterson did with Freeman.
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    They weren't - maybe cause they (just 1 Rodgers had a chance) knew they couldn't catch him. Gimme a break.


    First pic everyone is chasing him - Schwenke has a great block on Willis to open up CJ. Carlos Rodgers (top left 2nd and third pick) maybe took a poor angle but doesn't even come close to getting cj - Bowman who is arguably faster than Rogers is parralell with CJ and in 10 yards has picked up about 3 on Bowman who desperatley tries to dive for him but comes up empty.

    Is CJ as fast as he was in his 2K season - probably not - that doesn't mean he's still not the fastest or one of the fastest guys in the NFL. I will agree that he is a 1 hit poney and can't get those extra 2-3 yards that a lot of the biggers RB's can get.
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