Munchak: Klug can still play role for Titans

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans Insider, May 30, 2013.

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    With the Titans placing such a premium on size at defensive tackle, it’s easy to wonder where defensive tackle Karl Klug – who was only on the field for only 22 percent of the Titans’ defensive snaps last season – will fit in the coming year.

    But Titans coach Mike Munchak said he still believes the 6-3, 280-pound Klug can find a spot, whether it’s aiding the pass rush at defensive tackle or helping stop the run at defensive end.

    “I think he’s got to find that role,” Munchak said. “If we’re out there (against a two-back offense) and someone is trying to run the ball down our throat, he’s not necessarily the defensive tackle you want out there. But in this league, one week it’s that and the next week it’s no-huddle and spread offense, and all of a sudden he’s a good fit for what the team is doing.”

    Klug hasn’t played much defensive end in either of his first two seasons, but that will likely change in 2013.

    “He’s a guy that I think can play outside also,” Munchak said. “He’s more versatile that way. If you’re healthy inside maybe he can do some other things, because again, he’s 280 pounds. That’s a good-sized defensive end these days.

    “So there are other things where he can fit in certain packages. We have a lot more packages and we have different groupings of guys depending on what the offense is doing and match-ups. So I think someone like him will always have a role for that reason.”

    In his rookie season in 2011, Klug led the Titans with seven sacks, adding 10 quarterback pressures, 32 tackles and two forced fumbles. But the fifth-round draft pick slipped behind Mike Martin on the depth chart last year and finished with 3.5 sacks, five quarterback pressures, 12 tackles and zero forced fumbles.

    “If we were facing teams like we were back in the day with (Cleveland) in our division and Pittsburgh, constantly two-backing and running it down your throat, then I think he’d have a hard time playing much football in that type of game,” Munchak said of Klug. “But the league isn’t that kind of way. You only get that so often, in certain spurts.”

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  2. Psychop1

    Psychop1 Big Tee

    Klug was a liability against the run, but still one of our better pass rushers last season on a per snap basis. However, Martin was a better pass rusher and run stopper. Will be interesting to see how Klug plays at end. I'm not sure he can be worse than Wimbley against the run.
  3. Ensconatus

    Ensconatus #ShoutboxAlley4Life

    It'll be interesting to see how he does.
  4. Danimal

    Danimal Starter

    Look at how the Titan's used Dave Ball as a situation guy and how many sacks he racked up. Klug is younger, bigger, and faster so I can see how we just need to find a spot for him where he can be sucessful.
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  5. ImATitan

    ImATitan Pro Bowler

    Klug may fit better at DE after all. Casey, Lee Hill & Martin are gonna own DT. After Morgan & Wimbley at DE, it's thin -- guys like Klug, Solomon, Pitoitua & Edwards will battle it out.
  6. The Hammer

    The Hammer Leper Messiah

    They are moving Solomon to OLB. Makes it a little easier for Klug.

    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor

    That Edwards rookie might be good
  8. Alzarius

    Alzarius Pro Bowler Tip Jar Donor

    Complained about Klug not playing more a lot last season. Then someone here said something along the lines of "Well its hard to bring in a pure pass rusher when the offense always have you in 3rd and 2" or something like that.