Munchak has no plans to shake up o-line

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  1. Arcane

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    You have TWO Hall of Fame offensive line coaches teaching these guys how to make a hole for the RB. We still can't get ONE YARD in FOUR TRIES.

    Something is Very very wrong around here.
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  2. SawdustMan

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    I don't disagree with your overall point. But to be fair, we only ran it twice there.

    I wish we had just run it every single down to be honest. Because at that point when it got to 4th down Munch probably wouldn't have had the balls to try it one last time and would've just taken the 3.
  3. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    Anyone surprised?

    This is the guy that stuck with Amano, even though the team knew he was terrible.

    I don't mind Munch as a coach, but his OL loyalty thinking "time will heal" when players are just awful is the worst.
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  4. Gut

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    Problem is, Munch is right from what I've seen though I havent re-watched the Chiefs game yet. personally, I think more of the problem is that teams have figured out our bread and butter plays (we like to pull 1 or 2 ppl) and they are shooting a LB thru the gap a lot to get penetration. I think we will run better when we just man it up and let everyone take a man with no pulling. The Chiefs were getting too much penetration. I know on one of our run plays...perhaps a 3rd and short we ran left behind Levitre and while Turner didn't knock Poe off the ball, he at least walled him off from the play but others got penetration.

    I'm gonna take a good hard look at our run plays versus the Jets and Chiefs and that should tell me a lot. After re-watching the first quarter of the Jets game, Turner missed one major block (took a bad angle to get the LB on the 2nd level) but others made mistakes too.

    It's not like previously when the OC is getting blown into the backfield and giving up a stuff in the backfield. Guys are taking turns missing a block or not sustaining and that includes Stevens and Taylor who occasionally are getting man-handled. On one play against the Jets, Stevens engages a LB and right when the RB comes near the defender tosses him aside and tackles the rb.

    If we are gonna be a power running team, we need some more pop from everyone and need some more plays where we aren't pulling and let CJ or whomever find a hole.

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  5. Riverman

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    I get what you're saying but some of the DL's and LB's we're facing have been better physically than our OL. We're putting our OL at a disadvantage when they not only know we are running but WHERE we are running by our backfield formation. That is on Loggains.
  6. The Hammer

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    They are not even dressing him
  7. EnglandTitan66

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    I'd like to know what has changed round here since Fisher went. We still have a team thats set up to play Fisherball by our Fisher eulogising HC , that can't play Fisherball, This conjoined with an unimaginative Offensive Co-ordinator and a Line Coach whose recent track record , pointed out by DW on another thread , is pretty poor. Why the shock.
  8. xpmar9x

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    I just don't understand, we have two HOF OL in our coaching staff... but yet they can't seem to figure out that Turner has been god awful? WTF.
  9. Kaeotik

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    These guys must step up and improve our running game.




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  10. The Hammer

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    Yeah, because what you have been doing the past two and a half years has been working so well right. Changed every single interior OL. Even the backups. Drafted the best OG. Signed the best FA OG. 2013 is the year of No Excuses for the Titans run game.

    And yes JCBRAVE this called for a song
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