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    The Titans intended to keep tight end Jared Cook, before they realized it wasn’t going to be as easy as just placing the franchise tag on him.

    Cook, as everyone knows by now, wanted to be tagged as a receiver, not a tight end. It meant more money for Cook. For the Titans, arbitration would’ve been on the horizon if they’d tagged him as a tight end.

    The Titans ultimately let Cook walk, and signed former 49ers tight end Delanie Walker to take his place.

    Titans Coach Mike Munchak provided an explanation while speaking to reporters at the NFL owners meetings in Phoenix.

    “Like last year for us, we were trying to cut a deal for Michael Griffin, our safety. We couldn’t. We franchised him. He came in, worked out, did all the things, we got it worked out and did a long-term deal. We had done that the year earlier, so we were hoping the same thing would work with Jared,’’ Munchak said.

    “The whole things started with, is he a tight end or is he a receiver? He’s a tight end, obviously. Was that something that was going to be a problem? I don’t know. We were willing to pay him. I think what he got from the Rams was not much far off from what we probably would have done with him with more patience involved. But it got that way, and it made sense for us not to tag him.”

    Cook signed a five-year, $35.1 million deal in St. Louis. The Titans signed Walker to a four-year, $17.5 million contract.

    “It became an opportunity. This actually may be a really good fit for us too,’’ Munchak said. “I’m sure the Rams are happy. We’re happy. So maybe it’s good for both of us.”

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  2. Obie09

    Obie09 Starter

    Thank god we didn't sign cook for a 5 year 35-40 million contract. With his contract, Griffin's, and CJ's. We would have 3 pretty retarded contracts for players who are either declining or based just off of potential (not including Amano because he's dead to me). I guess we still have it in us to give some dumb contracts.

    I'm glad Cook was being such a jackass, I'm almost positive Walker will do much more for us than Cook ever could even if he doesn't match his receiving numbers.
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  3. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    Don't care anymore. I'd rather have Walker and his deal than Cook for 5yr/35m.
  4. Kaeotik

    Kaeotik Pro Bowler

    Cook can go get blown up immediately on every run play in St. Louis while we use a TE that can actually play the position properly. No big deal.
  5. The Hammer

    The Hammer Problematic AF

    Bottom line: We got a better player for half the money. Not much more needs to be said.
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  6. Obie09

    Obie09 Starter

    We also wouldn't have been able to get all the players in free agency that we did if we signed Cook to 8 million a year.:beerbang:
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  7. Brew City

    Brew City Case Race Champion

    I was J Cooks biggest fan until last year. He really pissed me off now I'm glad he's gone.
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  8. titansfan769

    titansfan769 Starter

    Delanie was a way better investment, works harder, plays harder. Cook JR has been arrogant since his first day in the league. I'm glad he walked.
  9. Big Time Titan

    Big Time Titan Big Time Titan

    As much as I liked Cook it was clear he didn't wanna be here so there really was/is no sense in overpaying a guy who can't block to save his life that doesn't even wanna be here. It worked out for the better.
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  10. RockyTop Fox

    RockyTop Fox Offensive Coordinator

    Good call guys. Our Front Office is starting to actually look like a group of professionals for once. I'm loving just about every move they have made this offseason.
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