Munchak And Titans Overall Plan For Center Position

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Apr 29, 2012.

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    It's an interesting concept that I hadn't thought of to think the Titans missed out on Jones and Blake in round 4, thus reaching for Sensabaugh. It makes sense. To me, we could have probably had Sensabaugh in the 6th.

    I'm hoping some team cuts their center in favor of their younger guy during training camp.

    However, I said it before and will say it again; the pass blocking was good last year. It was just the run blocking that was terrible. With Britt, Wright, Washington, Cook, and possibly Thompson on the field at the same time, there's no way teams can put 7 or 8 in the box. A good passing game opens up the running game.
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    Yes the pass blocking was good but not because of Amano. Pass blocking was good in spite of Amano. He has no business playing C much less starting at C.
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    The best we can hope for now is Velasco starts or some decent C gets cut before the season which is very likely somebody good could be released. Velasco looked pretty good in limited time last year definitely an upgrade. Matthews sucks I hope him and Amano get cut and Vlachos makes the team or PS.
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    Well, there's that. And I really don't mean to implicate Fisher, and yes, he's the general converse to Munchak being at whatever portion responsible he actually is, but you have to wonder at whatever percentage some of these decisions come from the top down. Such as Bud, Underwood, collective GM and scouting, and then Marino based on the financial ramifications once said player is signed long term.

    It's no secret that the Titans have a trend of signing in-house the good solid underdogs, overachievers, role fillers and promise fulfillers provided they have conducted themselves in a professional manner. Amano fits that profile. I think for it to be on Munchak entirely despite the article is possibly oversimplified. Maybe it's not. Perhaps Harris wasn't ready at first. I remember Harris had a couple of relatively minor in the grand scheme of things miss snaps but blocking was never his problem from that position.

    I get the feeling that for whatever reason the Titans put their foot in it, it was then hard to extract it. OL play is like choreographed dance. You really don't change your A unit unless you have to. I'm sure the frustration spread, but there was reason after reason to not pull the trigger on that, whether it was contract, intermittent success, regime or whatever.

    Hopefully we're to the point at last where the team is truly free to make the position open, and someone better shows up or comes along, even if it's Amano 3.0.
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    I think we should give young Matthews a chance before we say he sucks...He was a 5-6 round projection that we got undrafted, and he's the son of a HOF lineman that played his whole career in this organization. Velasco may very well be the best option we have at center right now, but let's just hope one of the two beat out Amano. Undrafted rookies don't usually start their first year in the NFL, so I'm not realistically thinking Vlachos will start, but he will push these vets to play harder, at least.
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    I hope maybe in the preseason they put someone like Velasco,Matthews,Vlachos,etc. at the center spot and move Amano back to his original position on the line and they could do this and just see if it would be something they could do or not.They will never know unless they try it and i do think it would be something that would work.Like i said we have a few games in the preseason where they could observe the line in action and see if it would work out.
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    Basically we have four Cs on the roster since Harris, Velasco both can play C and then we have Matthews and the kid from Alabama. Now Munch has said a few times basically that Amano is a better OG than C. You don't have to read tea leaves to figure out they will probably move Velasco or Harris to C to compete with Matthews and Vlachos. Unlikely the rookie starts in his first year but the only thing that makes sense is they really feel Velasco or Harris can handle the C position and whoever isn't moved will compete with Amano for the RG starting spot.
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    Just a feeling but I think Matthews has to make a move this training camp or they may keep Vlachos if he appears to have upside.
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    I agree.

    I am sure young Matthews probably knows enough people too get a coaching gig somewhere