Munchak And Titans Overall Plan For Center Position

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Apr 29, 2012.

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    Since someone will ask, $10 limit, not including tax. You can get an okay pizza, or some really nice beer. Kroger gift card for that. If I'm right, we all win the camaraderie.

    If you don't have Kroger then move to a real city! Just kidding. We'll work something out.
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    I've read this a few times here but never saw any link to verify. Personally, I find it strange the coaches would work with Harris and groom him to take it over and then slide Amano in just because he wanted to be the center. I think it was more about Harris not getting it done than Amano. Maybe Amano knew the schemes better because he was on the field with Mawae but I think he could make the calls from the guard position.
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    Basically what happened in a nutshell: the titans thought they'd get Ben Jones or Phillip Blake in round 4. When that didn't happen the titans went another way.

    I'm sure management will spin this, "we got who we wanted," blah blah, but that is plain wrong. Isn't it interesting, or curious that the titans make a reach pick in the fourth round? Why do you think that happened? - because the titans never had a plan b.
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  4. bigdogtitan

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    Velasco,matthews,harris,kropog,and durand are all free agents at the end or this season so it is go time at the C-G position in camp!
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    I' m considering making a website, who supports this idea. A petition will be involved
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    The FO didn't seem excited at all when I watched the press conference after the draft...Webster kept talking about how the players he wanted kept coming off immediately before we picked, and how when you pick at 20 that will happen. He said the reason they moved up for the TE is because they were sick of waiting and losing out..

    I'm guessing they wanted 1 of the 4 players that went immediately before us(Coples, Ingram, Kirk, Mcclelin) in the first. Then in the 2nd they probably thought Worthy was ours, until the da^% Packers traded right in front of us for him. It happened again in the 4th when Blake and Jones both went. I can't even imagine how they felt, I've had fantasy drafts like that before and it hurts so bad every time. lol

    Oh well, I think they still did a good job for picking at 20. May not be as good as last years draft class, but that's yet to be seen

    I can't wait to see who prevails as the best center/right guard this offseason...with all those guys that will be fighting for their future pay checks, I can see some off the wall changes occuring.
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    Fairley played for Auburn, not Alabama.

    I hate reading crap like this. Do you really think those guys don't plan for every contingency? You really believe they just sat around the entire fourth round, and when the guy they wanted wasn't there, they freaked out and randomly chose somebody? That's just silly.
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    Interesting notion. Has that been done in the NFL before?

    I'm pretty sure it was in the Tennessean, but I don't know if the archives go back that far. This would be, what, 2009 summer? Let me check there, Titansonline and AP.
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    Well Amano, how do you want Munchak first?
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