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    Would u rather do 5 years in jail or battle cancer?

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    1) Are you married? If so, how long?

    Yup, 13 years...

    2) Any kids?
    Twodogs - no kids..

    3) Are you interested in/have done any film making?
    I have been involved in scoring films for a while. Most recently some of my stuff was used in the movie Chillerama. The video for the song Get Up and Kill involved a bit of movie-making as well. With the resources I'm certain I could make a great movie - but time-wise it would never fit in..

    4) What is your most cherished horror item/memorabilia that you own?
    I own a large brick from the chimney the original Evil Dead cabin. I subsequently got it autographed - in person, by all the stars of the movie.
    That process was involved.. Can't imagine the value in say 20 years..