Morris Claiborne is dumber than VY

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Fry, Apr 3, 2012.

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    Sir, I believe you mean rocket appliances

    [ame=""]Trailer park boys - rocket appliances - YouTube[/ame]
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    I guess being dumb will earn him millions now.
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    I don't get the learning disability thing. I have one and my I.Q. is 158. I know many other people who have learning disabilities with I.Q.s over 135. in ters of average I.Q. those with learning disabilities score 5-8 points HIGHER than people without them.
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    Speaking of dumb, anyone recall what Jason Pierre-Paul's Wonderlic score was? That guy sounded dumber than a bag of hammers.
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    who gives a rats ... what he scores. lets call him an idiot because he scored a low score on a pointless test. dan mario scored 4, alex smith broke a record for a high score - who would you rather have?

    Most those guys dont even take the test seriously. There's studies that show how low a player scores on it and then they re-take it and double or triple their original score. Its pointless.
  6. Fry

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    Dan Marino scored a 16....four times the score of Claiborne.
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    This is much more an indictment on LSU (not that they are the only school guilty of letting student athletes coast on through) than it is on Claiborne's prospects as an NFL player.

    TBH, I really don't even see the point of the Wonderlic. Aside from perhaps the quarterback position, I think intelligence is way overrated in regards to football players. You can be dumb as a rock and still have a high football intelligence. Great skill > great intelligence. Great instincts > great intelligence. IMO anyway.

    What's sad is that this guy went to a prestigious university for THREE years and got a 4/50 on a general intelligence test. Clay Travis actually had a great point today. Morris Claiborne will be okay. He's going to make millions of dollars in the NFL regardless of what he learned (or didn't learn) at LSU. But what about all the athletes (not just at LSU, but at programs all across the country) who got the "wink wink" treatment in regards to their academics and are NOT going to make a living playing sports? They essentially wasted a golden opportunity to have some kind of meaningful/prosperous career in another field.

    I know most would say that these are adults and they should take it upon themselves to make sure they "learn something". And I agree. But I think the universities/teachers/coaches share a very large chunk of the blame in many situations. They know what they are doing. 18, 19, 20 year old kids often don't realize the long-term consequence of their decisions.
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    I could care less..if I was one of those top teams I would still take him
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    Ryan Leaf got a 27...
    Charles Davis (NFL Network analyst) got a 25....(only made it to training camp...never made a team because he wasn't good enough (his words))

    The scores for various guys are so all over the place...I personally dont put any thought into it. The only player where I feel everything matched up was Peyton Manning who I believe got a 28
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    This isn't a definitive statement that LSU let anyone coast through. I've taken the Wonderlic and I did pretty well in college. These two things are nothing alike. Wonderlic is probably 1 part being a quick, logical thinker and 1 part forming a strategy for a test/managing time.

    I could see someone easily getting caught up on a few questions and scoring 10 or 15 lower as a result.

    We also don't know the legitimacy of the story. McElroy from Alabama had about 4 different scores reported last year.