Morgan: Rested defense makes difference

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    Titans defensive end Derrick Morgan played 914 defensive snaps last season, an average of about 57 snaps per game.

    But despite the fact he was on the field for almost every defensive snap in Sunday’s win over the Steelers, Morgan was only on the field for 50 snaps. That’s what happens when a team’s offense can hold onto the ball for over 34 minutes, and when a team’s defense holds an opponent to four third-down conversions in 13 attempts.

    “It was definitely a big difference, because when you’re out there for 70 snaps or something like that, you’re talking about playing two games,” Morgan said. “(This way), you’re able to get your breath back, your wind back and kind of regroup – as opposed to last year, when you’d come to the sidelines and get some Gatorade and you’d be like, `Man, it’s already second-and-10 (for the offense).’”

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