More Second And Third Round Picks Becoming Successful At QB Position

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by mike75, Mar 23, 2014.

  1. mike75

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    I think our best chance to get a QB will be in rounds two and three.However since we don't have a third round pick i think the best time would be the second round.Jimmy G would be my choice.If we opt to wait until round four i hope Murray is still there.I do think there is a good chance Murray might rise up the board as he is coming along quickly from his injury which is the main reason his stock dropped.Personally for me i like Garoppolo or Murray at the QB spot.

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    QB is by far the most crucial position to get right, IDK why we dont just draft Jimmy Garropolo with our 1st pick if we're convinced he's an NFL ready QB...

    I understand perceived value and squeezing the most juice from this draft that we can, but trading back is risky business.
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  3. 615nick

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    I don't think any less of them for being on good teams, I just think with the same circumstances a lot of qbs could have success that otherwise wouldn't.
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    I wish they would draft him with our first pick.My fear is that we will target him in the second round but some team picking before us will get him.There are strong rumors that Houston will go defense in the first round and get a QB in the second.We already know the top three QB's(Bridgewater,Bortles,Manziel) will be gone in the second leaving Carr and Garoppolo as the next QB's to be picked.Houston won't pick Derek Carr because they already been burned in the past by picking his brother David so that leaves Jimmy G unfortunately.My hope is that Houston takes one of the top three QB's in the first round.Well today i just got through reading Jacksonville might go defense in the first as well and QB in the second.There is a strong chance Jimmy G ends up in the AFC South i just hope its here in Tennessee.......
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    I agree. These QBs you speak of also had offenses catered to their strengths. Something I can honestly say our QB has never really had. I believe with that kind of coaching, a QB in the 4th round can succeed. If Jakes bones will stay together, he can get it done. We dont need a HOF QB, just one who can make plays when needed and protect the ball.
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    Oh no. Not following you around, but every thread I open there is a retarded post from you.

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  7. Two Kings

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    I wouldn't mind Matt Z in the 3rd(if we trade back) or 4th. He seems like Whiz's type of qb:

    LSU's Zach Mettenberger is ESPN QBs guru Ron Jaworski's No. 2-rated quarterback in the 2014 NFL draft.
    "When you watch him on tape, this guy has an NFL skill set," said Jaws of Mettenberger, who has a big arm but limited mobility and is coming off a torn ACL and MCL. Jaworski observed that Mettenberger has "very similar traits" to Joe Flacco, perhaps ironic because ex-Ravens OC Cam Cameron was LSU's offensive coordinator last season. Mettenberger is expected to be a second-day pick. Jaworski's top-rated quarterback remains UCF's Blake Bortles.
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