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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky Thursday's AFC South blog entries included this video clip of former Jaguar Richard Collier talking about his recovery from 14 gunshots.

    Here's Liz Merrill's story about Collier's recovery.

    ESPN on Sunday morning will provide a couple of opportunities to see and hear more from Collier, who was left paralyzed from the waist down and had his left leg amputated as a result of the shooting three months ago.

    The piece will be featured on "Outside the Lines" (Sun., ESPN, 9 a.m. ET) and "Sunday NFL Countdown" (Sun., ESPN,Â*11 a.m. ET).

    Here's a bit of a preview in the form of excerpts from Collier:

    On emotions in days after finding out his leg had been amputated:
    "That's the most I've cried my whole life. Every day. Anything would just trigger tears. Watching football on TV, anything. That was my lowest point."

    On doctors saying he will remain paralyzed:
    "I feel like if I say that word (paralyzed), I've kind of given up. I have faith in God that I'll walk again. So I'm very optimistic about that. I've gotten stronger and stronger everyday and my mind just won't let me, I can't give up like that. I have like a "never say die" type attitude, and I just can't."

    What he reflects on while spending time at a favorite spot, a nearby pond:
    "I like to watch people walk, it's kind of strange, but it's really big for me. Like, MAN, it was taken away from me, a lot of little things that I just never paid attention to, I do now."

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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