Mooney’s setback from broken hand a thing of past

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    Fullback Collin Mooney has a six-inch scar on the top of his left hand, evidence of surgery for a broken bone he suffered in June. He’s no longer wearing a cast, however.

    “They put three screws in there, but it is back to normal pretty much,” said Mooney, who took three years away from football to fulfill a military commitment with the Army. “It feels good. I can do everything.”

    Mooney is competing with Quinn Johnson to be the starting fullback this season. The Titans aren’t expected to re-sign Ahmard Hall, their fullback the previous six seasons.

    “I have to keep doing what I am doing at fullback, and keep doing what I am doing on special teams,” Mooney said. “That should help.”

    Source: Titans Insider

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    I was worried that would be the end to this guy, glad to hear he's recovered and ready for camp. His military background makes me think Ahmard Hall 2.0. Hall was great for us before his suspension and concussions.
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