Moneyball says CB makes sense early...

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Titans2004, Jan 26, 2013.

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    From a financial point of view this post makes sense because there were mediocre CBs out there making $9M a year or more.

    I doubt if we are going to sign a top 5 guy anyway and we won't sign Revis for $11M. But it is true that most teams that pay up big for a CB in free agency have been burned.

    The 2 best guards in free agency would cost around $7M year.
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    Milliner is a very low risk pick. At the very least he could make the move to safety and be a very good player there. He actually plays bigger than his 6'1 200 lb size and has great ball skills and tackles real well. Even if he wasn't the dominant shut down CB you want him to be there is no doubt in my mind that he could make that transition the same way Devin Mccourty and Antrel Rolle have.

    A comparable safety prospect to Griffin in 2007 and very physically similar. So you would be getting a first rd safety and CB prospect in one.
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    Actually, Moneyball would tell you to stockpile draftpicksin the first 3 rounds given the new CBA.

    I think QB, DE and CB are the 3 positions that have the biggest disparity between rookie contracts and veteran contracts under the new CBA.
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    I heard an interview where Cary Williams for the Ravens is wanting an 8mil per yr. contract. If he gets that it is just crazy.

    and I would love to trade back in the 1st and grab some more picks if our guy isn't on the board at 10.

    I actually would rather get extra picks in the 2014 draft because this upcoming season is going to set the tone of where the franchise goes in terms of QB and coach. If Locker doesn't pan out then having extra ammo would help us move up for a franchise QB. If Munch is gone then the new coaching staff would have extra picks to bring in their type of players.
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    You needed one in the 90s. Not so much anymore. Offenses are different now. It is no longer about shutting down the main receiver like it was when we had Samari Rolle here. Passing games have switched to a more spread like mentality where they look to exploit a weakness rather than find a way to get their top receiver the ball on every pass play.

    As such the saftey position has become more important than it used to be. We now see teams take a saftey high in the draft and some have become real stars and major difference makers. Used to be unheard of for a saftey to be named Defensive POY. Over the past 8 years we have had three: Troy Polomalu, Ed Reed and Bob Sanders.

    One thing has not changed though. Al Davis used to say games are won and lost on the line of scrimmage. Need to be strong on the OL and DL or nothing else matters.
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    From the way we line our CB's up, we're the last team that should spend on a "shut-down CB". It'd be the biggest waste of money ever.
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