Monday Morning QB: Titans @ Bucs Grades

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    SUMMARY: The Titans sputtered offensively and gave up too many big plays defensively in a 13-10 loss to the Buccaneers yesterday.

    For the second consecutive week, the Titans made mistakes that came back to bite them. Among them was a floating deep pass by Vince Young to Roydell Williams which was intercepted by Phillip Buchanon. Another was a botched handoff to Chris Brown which killed another promising drive. Sprinkle a few penalties into the mix which put the Titans offense in a bad position against a solid Buccaneer defense and you have the recipe for a loss.

    Defensively, the Titans were outstanding stopping a third-string RB but allowed Jeff Garcia, who at 37 looked more mobile than Young, to pass for 274 yards including two bombs and a 28-yard gain on third-and-10 with only 1:05 remaining.

    One play yesterday summed up the day. On a third-and-four play, Young scrambled to the right with only LenDale White between himself and a first down. "I tried to get in front of Vince to make a block for him,'' White said. "Vince was trying to make a play and I ran into Vince and tackled Vince.'' Rookie Gaines Adams was credited with the sack because they don't credit teammates with them.

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Thread Status:
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