Monday Morning QB: Texans @ Titans Grades

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    SUMMARY: It was harsh on the eyes but the Titans managed to win their fourth game of the season with a 13-10 victory over the Texans. Beyond the fact that "a win is a win", and they've been few and far between this season, there is little for the TitanNation to be excited about this morning.

    To put it bluntly, it looked like the two teams were trying to put themselves in a better position to draft Reggie Bush. "It was the ugliest win ever,'' said Steve McNair after the game. His coach agrees. "I don't know if I have another way to describe that other than it was ugly,'' Titans Coach Jeff Fisher said. Both comments are understatements. Though I am tempted to run a string of ugly jokes here to hammer home the point, I decided to focus on the positives for a moment.

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Thread Status:
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