Monday Morning QB: Panthers @ Titans Grades

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    SUMMARY: 6-2.

    With half of the 2007 season in the books, the Tennessee Titans are continuing to dominate on defense and play good enough on offense to have the third-best record in the AFC. If the playoffs were to start next week, the Titans would make them for the first time since '03.

    The formula for their success this season hasn't been flashy. It's play tough defense and grind it out on the ground offensively. Though they rank dead last in passing yardage per game, they've managed to control the football to the tune of over 33 minutes a game. The defense is in the top 10 in sacks, ranks second in the league in interceptions while currently only allowing 66 yards per game on the ground.

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  2. Titan_4Good.

    Titan_4Good. Guest

    Pass then Run because Jacksonville is going to expect the run from the get go!! Mixed them and take them by surprise.
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