Training Camp Monday, July 30 - 3 pm

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    Gonna be warm this afternoon.

    If anyone gets out to camp today, please post your thoughts here and add any photos you may take.
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    I was there last night (Sunday 7-29). Largest crowd I’ve ever seen at training camp. A few news outlets said it was the largest crowd they’ve ever had for a training camp practice. Over 2000 people.

    Here are my thoughts from the night. Remember this is based on one practice so take it with a grain of salt:

    - I personally thought the offense looked smoother and ran better with Hasselbeck under center. The Titans beat writers were really talking up Locker because he was having a good night (was 7-7 at one point), but most of his passes were check downs, or short slants whereas Hasselbeck threw the ball down field a little more.

    - I was among one of the biggest critics of the Zach Brown pick (more critical because Konz, Still, and Curry were still on the board) but the dude can move. He certainly has wheels. My biggest criticism of his college tape was that he just drug players down and didn’t really hit anyone, and since it wasn’t a full contact practice I couldn’t tell anything to the contrary. But he made a few good plays, and got into the backfield on a regular basis.

    - WR DJ Woods was really impressive to me. Great hands. Great speed and quickness. He’s an undrafted rookie out of Cincinnati who I think also returned punts. His body type and movement remind me of DeSean Jackson. He was consistently getting open during 7 on 7 and 12 on 12. Compare him to Lavelle Hawkins, who I noticed ran the wrong route a couple of times and coaches let him know about it. Just based on last night I’d give Woods the edge over Hawk. How is Hawk STILL not picking up on this offense!?

    - Jared Cook looked like an absolute beast. He was grabbing balls out of the air and making some great plays. However, this is usually the case with him in training camp. Whether or not it will transfer to the field and if this will be the year he puts it all together remains to be seen.

    - I’m not sure of the reason but at the beginning of practice Robert Johnson was running with the first team at Safety at one point. Not sure if Babineaux wasn’t out there yet or if they were just trying to get a good look at RoJo. Either way, that at least tells me he’s the 3rd string Safety.

    - Jamie Harper looked faster than I remember him being. Just in his limited carries he looked better than Ringer to me.

    - I noticed a few familiar faces taking in the action on the sidelines like Mike Keith and James Franklin. Franklin signed a few autographs for fans. I also got interviewed and was on News 2 last night at 10. So that was a personal highlight.
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    Thanks for the report.
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    ....He still didn't show you guys enough last season? lol Seriously?
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    Cook has produced every time he's been used properly
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    Wyatt also said a ball went off his hands yesterday for a pick.

    He showed me enough in a few games towards the end of last season to think he should be more consistent this season.
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    anything else to report 2tone? i cant get enough of these updates!
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    Cook really didn't come on until the end of last season. I'm waiting for a year where he's consistant from game to game.
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    I put down everything I can remember. If you have any quesitons ask away and I'll try to answer.
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    How did the new TE convert (Thompson) look if you remember seeing him?